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FFXIV Moogle Beast Quest Chain

Since I had to look it up recently, here's the list of quests required to unlock the Moogle beast tribe quests:

No Man's Sky: Some Thoughts

No Man's Sky is out, and the reviews have been - well, appropriate, for the most part. This was a hugely hyped, hugely ambitious game that just fell short. It gets more annoying when you realize just how close to the mark it was and how just a bit more polish could have made the game just flat-out better.

So with that in mind, here are some of the ways I felt the game fell short:

The Problems with Just Cause 3

I've been playing quite a bit of Just Cause 3 recently. It's OK. But it isn't great. And I want to go into some of the reasons for that.

First off, let's start with the well known, the bugs. The bugs are the number one reason why you should not buy this game yet. The game is unplayable on "lesser" PCs and I can only play for about an hour before the memory leaks and slow down catch up to my PC. This means you have to restart the game every once and a while when playing. Bugs can be fixed, though. So - beyond the save game corruption bug - let's not dwell on the bugs and focus on what really makes the game suck: the challenges.


JavaScript Closures and Loops

JavaScript closures can be kind of weird. The way a closure works within a loop is a fairly common "gotcha" because it doesn't work in the way that it intuitively feels like it should.

Take the following block of code:

for (var i = 0; i < 5; i++) {
    var button = document.createElement("button");
    button.innerHTML = "Button #" + (i + 1);
    button.onclick = function() {
        alert("You clicked on " + button.innerHTML + "!");

What does that do? Read More to find out.


Extract ID3 Tags Node Script

On the off chance this is ever useful to anyone, here's a NodeJS script for extracting a bunch of ID3 tags to a CSV file. You'll need to install id3js (npm install id3js) in order to use it.


Final Fantasy XIV Timers

In the hopes that this may prove useful to someone, have a Final Fantasy XIV event timer. Eventually I might simplify the JavaScript so that it can be used as an embeddable "widget" but for now it's just that page.

Currently it shows the active events (at least, the ones that have been announced) and the weekly/daily reset times. (At least, I think those are the correct times based on what Square Enix has said.)

Evolution Controllers Drone Input Modes

I've bought an Evolution Controllers "Drone" bluetooth controller. It's a very nice, small little controller designed to work with tablets and phones for gaming on the go. To aid with this, it supports a variety of "input modes" that define how it works.

Unfortunately, these are not documented anywhere, beyond the key combinations required to activate them.

So here you go, a table of the modes and what they do, based on the source itself.


PAX Australia 2013

OK, so it's taken me a bit longer to get this up than I originally intended, but it's finally time for me to post my thoughts on PAX Australia 2013.

In short, PAX Australia is PAX, but in Australia. Like PAX East, the location gives PAX Australia a different feel than PAX Prime. But just like PAX East, PAX Australia is PAX. Everything I go to PAX for is there: the expo hall, the tabletop area, the handheld area, the panels - it's all there.

So, what makes PAX Australia different from the American incarnations? Besides, you know, the obvious.


It's coming... PAX Australia

It's less than a week away now: PAX Australia! Wait, what?

Oh yes - I will be going to PAX Australia.

And why not?

Stay tuned for more from there. Hopefully including pictures and stuff. We'll see.


Boston Stupid

So let's say you see someone with a sign that says "Toronto Stronger" at a Boston Bruins/Toronto Maple Leafs game. It's in somewhat poor taste, sure. It may be a bit soon. Do you just roll your eyes and move on, or do you go off and whine about it?

Well, apparently, if you're Boston.com, you post three front page stories about it. Because this is hard-hitting news and nothing else is happening. (To be fair, mind you, that last link is the largest story on the page. The other three links I gave are right below it, though, above the virtual fold.)



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