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Battlegrounds: Two Weeks Later

Well, Battlegrounds has been out for almost two weeks. And I'm already bored with them.

There are currently two Battlegrounds: Warsong Gulch, and Alterac Valley. Warsong Gulch is a game of capture the flag, while Alterac Valley is a battle for control of the valley.

Capture the flag suffers some immersion problems in the Warcraft setting, but works for the most part gameplay-wise. Alterac Valley has the opposite problem - the setting makes sense in the World of Warcraft, but the gameplay gets frustrating fast.

My Cat Loves WoW

My cat loves to help me play World of Warcraft.

Cat sleeping on the keyboard

Isn't she cute?

Dear Friends, Full Version

Well, I said I'd post a more complete report, and here it is.

I recently went to see the Dear Friends concert in Hartford, Connecticut.

First off, I wasn't really sure what to expect for a dress code, and no one else really was either. The audience came in everything from jeans and a T-shirt to tuxedos to cosplay. I wound up on the low-end of the "dressed up," wearing a golf shirt, jeans, and sneakers, but I wasn't a complete slob either. 'Sall good.

Of course, the "MC" came dressed as a freaking janitor or mechanic or something. Seriously - he was wearing coveralls with his name on a patch. So I guess the dress code was official "whatever."


Dear Friends - After Report

Well, I went to the Dear Friends concert in Hartford, Conneticut last Friday (May 20th).

I'll (hopefully) post a more complete rundown sometime later, but, for now, this'll have to do.

I only saw five people in costume there, including one guy dressed up as Sephiroth (of course) but I think someone mentioned that there was another up in the balcony.

I had seats three rows in, so I was really close to the orchestra.

Music was great. It's really something to hear the music originally heard via a console being played live by a full orchestra.

I'll update this to be more useful ...


Dear Friends Concert

Well, I already have the tickets, now I have the program for the upcoming Dear Friends concert, done in the finest xerox available. (Er, photocopy. Yeah, Xerox isn't generic. Yet.)


So Long, And Thanks for All The Fish

So long and thanks for all the fish,
So sad that it should come to this.
We tried to warn you all but, oh dear.

You may not share our intellect,
Which might explain your disrespect,
For all the natural wonders that grow around you.

So long, so long, and thanks! For all the fish.

The world's about to be destroyed.
There's no point getting all annoyed.
Lie back and let the planet dissolve around you.

Despite those nets with tuna fleets,
We thought that most of you were sweet,
Especially tiny tots and your pregnant women.

So long, so long, so long, so long, so long,
So long, so long, so long, so long, so long,


Best CM Response Ever

So Fangtooth (Blizzard CM) mispelled "trolling" when locking a post. Obviously, since those are the official Blizzard forums and people are idiots, someone had to point it out in a new thread.

So Fangtooth explains:

Fangtooth wrote:
Trooling is when you troll with the intent of getting your thread locked. No typo committed.


Strangest Post Ever

Someone on Slashdot posted what I guess can be called a fable. The moral of the story is, supposedly, "that what seems like a good thing at the time can become an unmitigated disaster."

That's an ... interesting story. I'm glad he told us the moral ahead of time, because I sure didn't catch it.


The Permadeath Debate

Slashdot brought up the Permadeath Debate yet again, in the form of The Eight Stages of Permadeath Debate, based on Ubiq's blog post.

(What is permadeath? It means that when your in-game character dies for some reason, they die permenantly and cannot be resurrected and played again.)

So which stage is this post? Oh, probably Stage 3, Captain Obvious Speaks.

First off, I have never really heard what it is, exactly, that permadeath is supposed to solve. (Except maybe "having people play the game in the first place.") Fortunately, someone on Slashdot provided me with a list of reasons they think permadeath would be a good idea, so I can go over that list and refute them.



Tickets to Dear Friends



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