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WTF is wrong with Massachusetts?

Well, I always wondered, but apparently Massachusetts is a barren brown wasteland.


April Fools Jokes

Small list of April Fools jokes I found funny.

Pandaren Xpress - Too Lazy to pick up the Phone? - WoW's answer to EQ2's /pizza command.
Water on Mars - a picture of water on Mars. (The picture is actually real, too!)
Slashdot | - OK, so they overdid April Fools Day yet again. But this one was actually funny.
New England Suffers Maple Woes - from All Things Considered. It's not available online - yet - but it's really amusing. Had me going for a bit, until they got to Exploding Maple Trees.


Mmm... Terriaki Steak Tips

Mmm... Terriaki steak tips FTW!11!!!


Ah, My New New Keyboard

Well, I've got my New New keyboard now and it seems to be working perfectly. I wound up not returning my Old New Keyboard, although I probably should. I'm thinking of keeping it around for my laptop or something. (Or maybe I could get one of those new mini Macs or something...)

So what's up with the new new keyboard?

Well... the old new keyboard had the "\|" key in the wrong place. It put it at the end of the right shift key. WTF?!

So the new new keyboard has all the function keys in the right place, grouped by fours like they should be, has all the editting keys the right place (Insert, Home, Page Up in one row with Delete, End, and Page Down underneath), and has the "\|" key about the Enter key, like it should be.


Square-Enix: "We Really Do Want Your Money"

Let's say you made a brain-dead decision when you designed your service that would allow people who bought your game to deactivate it so that they couldn't play again without buying a new copy. Let's say that a lot of people left to play another game. Let's say that many of them decide that they want to return to your game and - surprise! - discover that they can't without buying a new copy.

What would you do?

Well, Square-Enix has apparently decided to start a campaign called Return Home to Vana'diel. This campaign will allow people who purchased the game but then quit to start playing again.






Screw it, I think I'll go play FFXI.

Update: Well, that didn't take long. Maybe I'll go play with myself some. Er, I mean, offline. As in, not an MMORPG. Something like DDR.

Yeah. That's it.

We're Here to Protect You

Well, I made this image thanks to this Slashdot post. It is, of course, a fake image. You could say "Photoshopped", except I used the GIMP.

For added fun, view it in Firefox and IE and compare the differences...


Get the Facts

This is actually a really old post that never made it to my webpage, but I'm going to post it now.

Well, as some people know, Microsoft has released a Get the Facts on Windows and Linux advertising campaign explaining why Microsoft Windows is better than Linux in the server arena.

(Please note that said servers - a lot of people have managed to misunderstand that and keep on bringing Internet Explorer into the conversation, which as absolutely nothing to do with Microsoft Windows as a server platform. From now on, whenever anyone talks about Internet Explorer security holes when talking about Linux vs. Windows as a server platform, I'm going to bring up spatial Nautilus and explain how that proves that Apache sucks.)


World of Warcraft Chat Command List

Update 2005-04-06: The previous list was completely wrong. The new one is correct.

This is a list of chat commands (or slash commands). Some of them even include a list of what they do!


I was reading through the upcoming World of Warcraft patch notes, and saw:

Added /golfclap.



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