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Stargate SG1 Replicators: Kekekekekekekeke

Anyone else think that the Replicators on Stargate: SG1 are like the Zerg from Starcraft?

They attack in swarms of small numbers, and a couple of marines with machine guns can hold them off.

Plus, their leader is a copy of one of the leaders of the crack military squad of the Terrans, just like the Queen of Blades.



It's Snowing! Stop Driving Like It's Not!

Accident count for the trip in today: 3.

One two car accident (I think).
One single car accident (drop off the road).
One accident across the median that had backed traffic up (didn't see details for this).

Guys. It's snowing out. The roads are slippery.

Drive safely, please!


Slashdot: News for Nerd

Shit People Make Up

If you haven't read it, it's a story someone posted about how Microsoft AntiSpyware detects Mozilla Firefox as spyware. Except, of course, for the fact that it doesn't.

The story notes that the screenshots are "likely" fake as an update. "Likely" fake? The person who posted the shots says they're faked. People have run AntiSpyware and noted that it doesn't detect Firefox. Likely fake? They are fake and Slashdot knows it.

This is just yet another reason why I don't subscribe to Slashdot and likely never will. This is something that's so obviously unlikely and so obviously fake that there's no way the editors should have fallen for it. Until CmdrTaco and that crowd decide that they want to show they're willing to provide a service worth paying for, I'm not going to pay for it.


Stupid... freaking... program...

Quick background:

We have this program, that handles database connections and returns the data for us. We're using it to query multiple databases at once. (No, I don't know why we can't do that ourselves.)

It doesn't support dates. If you try and pull a date value out of a database, it will return with an "undefined" value. But we need dates.

So I come up with a plan. I can write a JDBC wrapper that wraps around the actual JDBC drivers and "mask" the existance of dates in the results. That way the data can be in a format that actually works.

Except that it turns out this program is smarter than I thought it was and actually had the database do queries for it instead of just pulling in the data and manipulating it itself. (Although now I'm left wondering why it's so slow to do so.)


Upcoming Firefox Vana'diel Clock Version

I might as well try and hype up what's coming, even though it's not quite there yet.

The biggest addition is alarms. The last version laid the ground work, this version includes the actual implemention. Sort of.

There's still quite a lot of work I need to do to decide exactly how the alarms are going to work. Right now they successfully get created and persisted across browser sessions.

I'm still working on the UI for creating them and managing them once they've been created.

I'm also going to look into adding a Balista calendar or (more likely) a "next x matches" schedule.

Slashdot Whines About Gilsellers

Apparently someone on Slashdot has gotten fed up with gilsellers (actually, in-game item sellers period) because we've recently gotten several stories about them:

Square-Enix Bans Over 800 FFXI Accounts
MMOG Currency Seller Owns Media Network ?
President of MMOG Currency Seller Grilled

My basic opinion is "who cares about item sellers?" and "if they're disrupting the game, perhaps the game developer should, oh, I don't know, be doing something about it!"

Car's fine

Well, I got the car back a couple of days ago, turns out the problem was "it's cold out and you're parking in a snowbank."



Focused on Letting You Know You Just Saw a PSA

OK, so Comcast is my cable company. They, like all other companies out there, occasionally show public service announcements (PSAs). Except that Comcast, for some reason, feels the need to announce that they just showed you a PSA. After every PSA, they show thier logo, with the voiceover "Comcast: Focused on Community."

I DON'T CARE! Good for you, Comcast. Most people don't feel the need to announce "I just lectured you on morality!"

Of course, I don't really believe that Comcast really is just saying "look, we care," I think they're just looking for an excuse to remind you that you're watching cable television, powered by Comcast.


Car apparently not unharmed...

Well, it appears that my car's tires became unbalanced after sliding into the snowbank. :(

So I'm sending it in for Fuzzy (my mechanic - yes, it says Fuzzy on his card) to have it looked at on Monday.

Edit: Oh no, my post count in no longer 42! :(


So Then I Hit The Snowbank...

OK, so I'm driving to work in the snow today. Apparently I'm going slightly too fast and spin out of control on 495, whamming into the snowbank. I wind up perpendicular to the road.

So anyway, fortunately someone with a pickup truck stops by and helps pull me out of the snowbank. My car's unharmed and I'm dead. Er, unharmed too. (See, I have ESP, so... No, wait, no I don't.)

Anyway, I've learned a bit about driving in the snow today.




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