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So Lazy...


  • Get new Christmas lights for outdoors.
  • Put up Christmas lights.
  • Clean Room.
  • Finish new design for main site, creating an actual blog page for this blog (and not just the forum interface).


  • Got Vericide, my Undead Warlock, to Level 20.



Flat Tire

Not much point in this, but...

I got a flat tire tonight. It sucked.

Now I'm going to need to go get it replaced. It's a nice gash in the tire.

So I'm probably going to be up early (for me :)) calling mechanics and seeing what they can do. If I can, I'm going to send it in for a tuneup at the same time.

Update: Looks like I'm going to have wind up replacing both front tires on Friday. Get the engine tuned up too. Yay?


Final Fantasy XI October-December Announcements

Well, it's almost December, and Final Fantasy XI is finally announcing the upcoming annoucements.

The holiday season is here and the FINAL FANTASY XI development elves have been busy putting together goodies for all the good boys and girls of Vana'diel.

We are planning our next major version update for Thursday, December 9. The details of the update are as follows:

  • There will be several new quests and events added to the Promathia areas.
  • New quests will also be added in Non-Promathia areas.
  • New monsters (including notorious monsters) will be added.


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