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Google Chrome for Mac (well, Chromium)

Google Chrome currently isn't available for Mac OS X.

However, you can download Google's open source project, Chromium, and build that. And, I have to say - it's pretty freaking slick.

I'm currently writing this post in Chromium under Mac OS X. It's working fairly well and looks fairly promising. You can rip off tabs, and it does the same neat window effect that it does under Vista. For a test build, I've only had it crash once on me.

So, looking cool.


Final Fantasy X Celestial Weapon Names

Apparently the Celestial Weapon crests and sigils in Final Fantasy X were named after days of the week in the original Japanese version. This seems quite likely to me, because as it turns out, they still are - it's just a bit less obvious.

First, the obvious one: Tidus has the Sun Crest, and the Sun's day is - well, Sunday. Yuna's Moon Crest is just as easy to figure out: the Moon's day is Monday. The rest are a bit more obscure, though. (Well, except for Kimarhi's Saturn Crest. Saturn's day? Saturday.)


Apple must have hired the Windows copy dialog developer

It looks like Apple hired the guy who did the Windows copy dialog to do the time estimates for Spotlight:

The dialog says "About 9 hours remaining" and the progress bar indicates it's about half done


Pauley Perrette is not on any social sites - including "that 'b' one"

While I'm not really going to cover the entire video, I did find this bit amusing:

Not facebook, not the "b" one, NOT ON ANY OF THEM.

The "b" one being, I'm assuming, 4chan. (Specifically, /b/. Note I'm not linking to it...)

Which I wouldn't have called a social networking site.

But I find it hilarious that she called it "the 'b' one."


Poorly Documented iPod Touch Button Combos

Probably the most important one to know is the "reboot" combo for when the iPod Touch crashes. Er, I mean if. Most of the rest of these were discovered while trying to reboot my crashed iPod Touch.

There are basically two buttons on the iPod Touch: the Sleep/Wake button on the top, and the Home button on the face. Rather than write "Sleep/Wake" out each time, I'm just going to call it the Sleep button.

So, here are the button combos:

Hold Sleep for 5 seconds: bring up the "turn off iPod" UI, or turn the iPod back on if it's off.


Simpsons "Rock Bottom" Corrections in "Homer Badman"

I'm sure someone's already done this, but since I've got a TiVo and can do it too, here's the list of corrections that display in the Simpson's episode "Homer Badman" during the "Rock Bottom" corrections bit.


The Correct Way to Clone Javascript Arrays

I couldn't remember how to clone arrays in JavaScript, so I did a quick search for the answer.

I found some, uh, not-so-great answers, mainly involving writing custom copy functions that iterated over every item in the array to copy it.

Turns out there already exists a method in JavaScript 1.2+ (in other words, in all major browsers) to clone arrays. It's called, helpfully enough, slice(begin[,end]).


This Site Used Valid HTML, Then Drupal Got To It

This page is valid HTML 4.01 Strict!

...Or, rather, it was valid HTML 4.01 Strict.

Then Drupal got to it, and decided to make it invalid HTML/XHTML Nonstandard Random Useless Crap.

Namely, Drupal has decided to do the "Fake Empty Element" dance. That's where valid HTML tags, like "<link>," are turned into invalid HTML tags like "<link/>."

Such a tag would be valid XML and therefore (might) be valid XHTML.

But this page doesn't use XHTML for a few very simple reasons:

What the Heroes plot should be...

Heroes has decided to rip off one of any number of "oppressed super heroes" plots where the super powered Heroes (and villians) are being chased by the government. (Wait, isn't that the plot to X-Men 2?)

You know what I think would be interesting?

Instead, they should reveal that the powers come from alien cells, which the Company was experimenting with. The formula would then be some form of food or something required for the alien cells to grow, while the Catalyst would be the alien cells themselves.

Why I hate the Eclipse WTP JavaScript validator

So I've got the following code:

var e = document.createElement("div");
e.appendChild(document.createTextNode("Some text"));

This generates a warning and one error, which are underlined above with a yellow and red line, respectively.



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