Boston Strong

I meant to post this a while ago, but I wanted to post photos taken of Boston Common the Sunday following the marathon. Unfortunately they didn't come out (they're backlit, so you can't see any of the people in them).

But it was nice to see that the Common was packed with people and that Boston is getting back to normal after the bombing.


Something Happened in Boston Today

So apparently something happened in downtown Boston today. I live close to Boston, so I suppose I should mention it, but there's not much for me to say. I'm fine, I didn't go to watch the marathon, and no one I knew was anywhere near the finish line. Beyond that, I have nothing to add that hasn't been said countless times already. (Sympathies to the victims; I hope they catch the people who did this.) I just can't help but feel that I should mention something on it since the PAX East blog entries are still on the front page.


Roger Ebert has died

Roger Ebert has lost his battle with cancer and died today at age 70 - and I'm actually really saddened by this. I've followed his Twitter feed for ages - in fact, assuming Twitter lists people in reverse order that they were followed, he's the fourth person I followed on Twitter. (Minus any I've unfollowed, of course.) For a while he was pretty much the only reason I ever even bothered to check Twitter.


PAX East 2013 - Pictures

As (sort of) promised, here are some of the pictures I've taken from PAX East:

BCEC Entrance
The entrance to the BCEC and PAX East


PAX East 2013 - Day 3

And that's it, PAX East is now officially over. It was a great three days (and an exhausting three days), but it's all over.


PAX East 2013 - Day 2

Well, I'm a bit tired - tired enough that I never got around to writing a summary of Day 2 last night. So I guess it's time to write up what I've got to say about it.

The only new game I really saw was Watchdogs, but there's really nothing new to say about it. Unless the PS4 release is news. It's a game set in a computer-controlled Chicago that the player character can "hack" with his smartphone. Still looks as interesting as it always did, but it's still made by Ubisoft which makes me wary about the DRM that will kill the PC version.


PAX East 2013 - Day 1

Day 1 is wrapping up at PAX East. Not much to say from the expo hall yet since the only booth I really looked at was the Square Enix booth and the only thing I really saw was the Saints Row 4 presentation. Which wasn't really much of anything, although they did show off a bit of the new plot. (It's an alien invasion.) You are no longer just the boss of the Third Street Saints, you are now the President of the United States and you have super powers. It's at this point that I can't help but assume that Volition is just screwing with us, but who knows, it could work.


Colossal Cave Adventure web port version 0.10

I've updated my Colossal Cave Adventure JavaScript port. It fixes a few bugs related to the Plover room, but probably more importantly, adds the ability to save the game. Save games are done by creating a new link that can be bookmarked. The URL can be loaded in order to restore the game to whatever state it was at when the game was saved.

Getting Ready for PAX East 2013

It's time to start getting ready for PAX East.

This should be fun! I haven't decided exactly what panels I'm planning on attending, but hopefully for once I'll actually post some stuff from PAX East.


"Daily Healer" might be the best Guild Wars 2 daily

Guild Wars 2 recently introduced "rotating dailies" so that the "daily" tasks you need to do change every day. One of the daily tasks in the rotation is "Daily Healer" which tasks you with reviving 10 people, which can be either other players or NPCs.

Reviving 10 players is next to impossible unless you play with really, really bad players who die frequently. So most players just opt to revive NPCs instead.



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