Only 10 words that begin with "x"?

According to /usr/share/dict/american-english and a Perl script I wrote, there are only 10 words that start with "x":

  1. xenon
  2. xenophobia
  3. xenophobic
  4. xerographic
  5. xerography
  6. xylem
  7. xylophone
  8. xylophones
  9. xylophonist
  10. xylophonists

Actually, 11, because it includes "x" itself, but still...


Some Helpful Java Servlet Attributes That Are Presumably Documented Somewhere

I'm assuming these are documented somewhere, but they certainly weren't listed in the documentation I have.


javax.servlet.forward.request_uri - the original value returned from request.getRequestURI()
javax.servlet.forward.context_path - the original value returned from request.getContextPath()
javax.servlet.forward.servlet_path - the original value returned from request.getServletPath() (who'd have guessed?)


Obama Pin's Psych

This is really just a retread of an earlier entry, but here we go, the Obama pin:

Faked screen shot of the Obama pin in The World Ends With You.

David Jaffe: Keep Diggin'

So after being called out for calling Sarah Palin a MILF, David Jaffe (the director of God of War according to the Wikipedia) decided that he couldn't just shut up.


The New Facebook

Facebook has launched a "new" interface, which is more Web 2.0, I guess.

Facebook profile with a tab containing raw HTML code

It could use a bit more work, I guess...

To be fair to Facebook, it appears that's the "SuperPoke!" application screwing up.

Update: And it's been fixed.


Where Are The Servlet 2.5 Javadocs?

I'm working on a project that involves Tomcat 6.0, which uses the Servlet 2.5 spec. Apparently as of Tomcat 6.0 the Tomcat team has decided that it's no longer their place to provide any API documentation, at all.

Instead they shuttle you over to Sun's site, which has them available online. And nowhere else.

Want to download just the API docs? Well, you can't. The download page tells you that if you want to get the Javadocs, you're going to start with a 110MB download. Uh, no. Not happening.


Google Releases Google Chrome (Beta)

Google has released their own browser, called Google Chrome. And I really like it - with one huge, major flaw.

Why is it called Chrome? Because chrome is "the user interface portion" of an application. In other words, the back/forward buttons and the address bar would all be chrome. So Google Chrome is the chrome around webpages, I guess.

The good, first:


I wonder what the Psych is for an Obama pin?

After looking at the Obama site and seeing them selling Obama pins (at $2, plus S&H), I couldn't help but think:

I wonder what the Psych for that pin would be?

(Explanation for those of you who have never played The World Ends With You: the player's magic powers in that game come in the form of "pins" - also called, in this case, "buttons." These powers are called Psychs.)


TiVo Adds YouTube

TiVo's added YouTube support to their Series 3 DVRs. So how does it work?

Short answer, horribly.

The user interface is a bit clunky, but overall works. But when you get to the videos, finally, the audio skips. (On every one I tried.)

And the video quality is horrible, but then again, it's YouTube. I was expecting YouTube quality video and that's what I got. I was also expecting YouTube quality audio, but it managed to fail to deliver on that.

All-in-all, not a very effective way to visit YouTube. My PS3 does a much better job.


Java Annotations

I went looking for answers to some fairly basic questions (or so I thought) about Java annotations, and wound up having to go look through the actual language specification. It's never a good thing to wind up looking at the language specification for answers. I did find my answer, but the examples were a bit on the strange side.

// Array-valued single-element annotation
@Endorsers({"Children", "Unscrupulous dentists"})
public class Lollipop { ... }



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