PlayStation Network portable ID

With the addition of trophies, it was inevitable that eventually Sony would copy the online profile aspect of Xbox Live.

And they have, sort of:

That's it. An avatar, your user name, and what would be an "about me" message if I ever bother to fill it in.

On Metal Gear Solid 4...

It has to be said, plain and simple: I have far more fun playing Devil May Cry 4 than Metal Gear Solid 4.

Despite Devil May Cry 4 receiving an 84 on MetaCritic and Metal Gear Solid 4 getting a 94.

In short, while MGS4 is by no means a terrible game, it's vastly overrated. DMC4 is, simply put, more fun (to me at least) than MGS4. That's all there is to it.


"Comcast Doesn't Interfere With Active Network Connections"

Comcast claims that they don't interfere with active network connections. ORLY?

Either Comcast is, say, lieing, or Steam has some pretty severe reliability issues. The following log takes place over 12 hours:

Stupid Freaking Debian

Apparently the source of randomness in OpenSSH's implementation was raising a warning in a code checker. This caused some concern in Debian for some reason, but the solution was simple:

Remove the code that seeded the random number generator.[1]

Making all keys generated on Debian and Debian-based distros (like, say, Ubuntu) easily guessable.


iTunes Sucks

So iTunes apparently decided to crap out and destroy its own library.

What does it do? It crashes on loading its XML backup, overwrites it preventing me from reimporting it, and then proceeds to wipe my iPod clean.

Leaving me with absolutely no way to restore my playlists.

You'd think they could import the metadata from the iPod, but of course not. It just deletes everything.

Thanks a lot, Apple.

Random Musing: Sephiroth as Smash Bros. Character

I do want to start off by saying that I'm not really saying this would be a good idea. But the idea of being able to beat the stupid out of Yoshi with Sephiroth is just too good an idea to pass up.

Sephiroth's Special Moves
Standard Special Move Draw Slash
Side Special Move Octaslash
Up Special Move Heartless Angel
Down Special Move Counter
Final Smash Meteor

Descriptions after the jump.

Characters That Should Be In The Next Smash Bros.

No, Nintendo has not announced that there will be another Smash Bros. - in fact, they've come closest to announcing the opposite.

However, it's still fun to think of characters that should be in the next Smash Bros.. The rules here are fairly simple: the character must have appeared on a Nintendo console as a major character. That's it: the character need not be a Nintendo character, and in fact, by now, probably shouldn't be since Nintendo has kind of hit the bottom of the barrel when it comes to new characters.


TODO: better description(s)

From the package description of javax.xml.transform.stax:

Provides for StAX-specific transformation APIs. TODO: better description(s).

I just wanted to know what it is! Apparently it has to do with XSLT and the new Java Stream API for XML, whatever that is - because it doesn't contain any description, not even a "TODO."

I expect this level of documentation from random open source libraries, but I kind of expected something more from Sun.


Check Mii Out: Friendly witch/wizard

I've been checking out the "Check Mii Out" channel for a while. For those who don't own Wiis or do and haven't checked out the channel, the channel allows people to submit Miis (customized 3-D cartoon characters) to look-alike contests. The most recent worldwide "Check Mii Out" contest was for "a nice and friendly witch/wizard."

I'm pleased to say that Harry Potter did not manage to grab first place. He did, however, grab second.

And eighth, ninth, and tenth.

And thirteenth.

And sixteenth.

And eighteenth, nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first.


Pidgin's Crappy Formatting Icons

So let's take a quick look at the Pidgin background color and foreground color icons:

Two icons: a blue "A" on a white background and then a white "A" on a blue background

Take a wild guess as to which is which.



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