I guess Mario isn't quite so passé

I've been watching Rise of the Video Game on Discovery channel. It's somewhat interesting to see what they say and what they show.

In the second episode, they mention that "the era of the mustached plumber is over," talking about how Mario has become passé and "more realistic" games like Grand Theft Auto 3, Halo, The Godfather and the like have taken over.


It's the Minor Details

So I'm watching an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. (Specifically, "Want," according to TiVo.)

Criminal Intent focuses a lot on details used to discover the crime.

So in the episode, Detective Goren is at the suspects apartment after taking him to lunch to apologize for a "wrongful arrest" over an arrest warrant for someone with the same basic description and name.

He walks over a flips on the video which is playing, which provides some vital insight into the suspect's psyche.

And then he says:


I Hate Pointsec

Pointsec is this hard drive encryption thingy for Windows. It makes it so that if someone steals the hard drive, they can't access it since it's encrypted. Data protection and all that.


The only problem is that Pointsec is both amazingly slow, and refuses to accept usernames and passwords typed faster than a single character a second.

Yes, that's right. Every time I boot the system (which, being a Windows system, is ridiculously frequently) I have to sit in front of it, slowly pressing one key after another, making sure not to accidentally type too fast.


Ubuntu's Firefox Addon Installer Might Need Some Work

I recently got a new laptop which I've installed Ubuntu to. It's working wonderfully, better than I was afraid it would. Unfortunately it won't run Compiz on the graphics chipset that was included (some Intel integrated thing) but that's hardly a big deal.

In any case, I figured I'd use the Ubuntu Firefox Addon installer to install the mouse gesture addon.

It, uh, didn't work.

It did install Thunderbird though.

Unfortunately it didn't actually install the mouse gestures addon into either Firefox or Thunderbird.

I think it might need some more work.


Thoughts on Phoenix Wright 3

I haven't actually completed the game yet, so this isn't a review. Instead it's just some rambling about the game.

The first comment has to be that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations is just like any other Phoenix Wright game that's been released on the DS. Astounding, I know.

But that's just it, it is simply more of the same. It's five new cases, using the same gameplay as the previous game without the special DS-specific case that the first Phoenix Wright game offered.


Microsoft Visual Studio Versus Internet Explorer

So I'm creating a webpage using Microsoft Visual Studio. (And so far, both times I've had to write that, I managed to typo "Studio" into "Stupid," which seems to be more appropriate.)

It defaults to creating an XHTML page, and validates it in real-time. (Which is, honestly, a cool feature.)

Unfortunately, I want to support Internet Explorer, so I attempt to change it to an HTML 4.01 Strict page. No-go: Visual Studio decides it's still XHTML Transitional and starts bitching about missing items.


An Amusing World Series Quote

An amusing quote from the World Series:

"Here is Fuentes, trying to make amends for his outing last night, when he allowed three runs in a big eighth inning for the Red Sox. And Kielty comes off and hits one into left field for a home run!"

It's great. The announcer just keeps on talking, without skipping a beat, as the very first pitch Fuentes threw out turns into a home run.

Just a little bit of irony in the World Series.


Real Life moves east. Ish. Or not.

I'm noting I don't have a category for web comics. Oh well, I don't cover a lot of information on them anyway.

Anyhow, Real Life comic's Greg Dean is moving to Texas, which while technically is east of California isn't exactly east. It's more "center" if you're only looking at the US or "west" if you're looking at the globe.

But in any case, I don't really care about that. Instead I want to complain about the concept of making Real Life a "full time" job.


This Boolean Never Turns True

So I'm playing around with keyboard event handlers in JavaScript, and I notice that Mozilla has a field called isChar documented. isChar becomes is true when the key is a character.

Simple enough, right?

Well... no. From the linked documentation:

There is currently a known bug affecting the return result, which is always false and never true. Please see the discussion link in the sidebar for more details.


Thoughts on the Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

First the annoying: it's practically a stylus-only game, which makes it an RSI game. The practically qualifier is there because a couple of actions can be triggered with buttons, but they're intended to be triggered with the stylus. You move with the stylus, you make actions with the stylus, and you make a simple wrist splint with the stylus and some duck tape after playing for a while.

Well, maybe not that last one.



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