Final Fantasy PSP Remakes

So while picking up my copy of The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass from GameStop (a place I'm beginning to really despise) I noticed the Final Fantasy I and II remakes for PSP. I checked the back of the case and noticed that one of the features was "same great gameplay!"

For those that played the originals, one of the greatest features of the GameBoy Advance remake was that it changed the gameplay into something that can be considered fun today as opposed to when they were released.

Yeah, I loved Final Fantasy when I played it on the original NES, but let's be honest - the gameplay isn't up to today's standards. No, it's not that it's "too hard" as much as it's "too random" and involves too much grinding for levels. Especially Final Fantasy II, if they kept the original growth rates.

We Live In A Crazy World

I'm sure plenty of people out there have experienced looking for information on a website, only to be forced to go to Google and search for it via the "site:" option.

Well, I have a book on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform. I consulted the index to find information about Retargetable Actions. Unfortunately I didn't find anything.

So I jumped over to Google to search for information. The second result (or third if you count related results) was a link to O'Reilly's Safari. (Can you see where this is going?)



I unpublished most of my blog. It's still there, just taking up space. Guess there's some facets of my life 2 years ago that I really don't want to still be around.

Apparently your Recent Blog Posts applies to anyone. Cute.

Worthless Error Messages

This error message is just priceless:

Problem Occurred: Reason: org/eclipse/ui/IWorkbenchPreferencePage

I love the title. It's really wonderful. "Problem occurred." You know, I did figure that out. I figured it out because an error message is being displayed.

"Unable to create the selected preference page" - this is basically the only helpful message for users on the entire box. And it's not very helpful because once you close the dialog, the same text appears in the preferences dialog anyway, making the error dialog practically worthless.


iTunes 7.4 doesn't work under 64-bit Windows

And will remind you that, every single time you try and run it. Keep in mind that all that doesn't work is the CD-burning parts. Otherwise it runs fine. (Although it secretly demands Administrator privileges and has fun and annoying problems being run if you leave UAC enabled. Like silently leaving the iPod in such a state that you can't undock it, and can't eject it using "Safely Remove Hardware" since it's "still in use.")

Oh, and deleting all my Podcasts on update? Also a class act. It's not like I expected to keep those subscriptions. Not at all. (Note that it didn't delete the files, they're still there, hidden on my hard drive. Just deleted them from the Podcasts list, and unsubscribed me from all Podcasts.)

Restore Session?

Firefox has crashed. Would you like to restore session or lose EVERYTHING you were just doing?

You have selected to Restore Session. Firefox is now going to ignore you, and start a new session anyway.

Firefox: working at the speed of Firefox has stopped responding. Would you like to: Close this application? Wait for it to respond?


iPod Touch

Well, I had asked for an iPhone minus the phone, and it looks like Apple has done it!

I'll have to swing past the Apple store once they get them - and maybe grab one.


The Perfect Name for a Pidgin Killer

I've come up for a perfect name for a Pidgin-killer: Peregrine.

Peregrine falcons are natural predators of pigeons. Plus, it doesn't appear that anyone has used this name for anything software-related.


Upcoming Releases

The release dates of some games I want to get:

August 28th
Metroid Prime 3
October 3rd
Final Fantasy Tactics: War of Lions
October 10th
The Orange Box (Half-Life 2)
October 23rd
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 3: Trials and Tribulations
2008 February 10th
Super Smash Bros. Brawl

More Pidgin Bashing

It's time for some More Pidgin Bashing after the original Pidgin bashing.

(Signed On) Logged In: 49710 days, 6 hours, 28 minutes

Those who are computer programmer types might notice that the time displayed comes out to 4,294,967,280 seconds, which is suspiciously close to 4,294,967,295 seconds. Even further, they might point out that Pidgin probably set the login time to -1, which when taken as an unsigned 32-bit number, comes out to 4,294,967,295 seconds.



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