Adding New Fonts to Debian

This turns out to be insanely easy, although it took me a good 20 minutes to find out. Basically (as root):

  • Copy your fonts into /usr/share/fonts as appropriate.
  • Run fc-cache

You're done! That was easy, huh?


Yay! I've got sound!

After playing around with my Linux install for far, FAR too long, I finally got the sound to work!

See, the Audigy has these various output options to decide which method it uses to play sound. All of them had been set to "off" by default...

Volume up? Check. Unmuted? Check.

Some random options that turns out to mean "play sound on your speakers?"... Not checked.


Disabling The &*$#ing Bell

So most modern systems have the ability to make noise. One of the most annoying instances is the stupid, freaking, bell. I don't need to hear a beep most of the time. Fortunately, there are a couple of simple ways to turn the more annoying offenders off in Linux:

In ~/.bashrc:

export LESS=-q  # Don't ring a bell when scrolling hits the edge

In ~/.inputrc:

set bell-style none

make randconfig

In the list of options for building the Linux kernel, there's this one:

make randconfig - chooses random configuration options

Yes. You can make the kernel using random kernel options. This is almost the same concept as Windows having an "install random driver" option.

Actually, maybe that already exists...


"This device can go faster"

So I have an iPod Mini, and a laptop that runs Windows XP. Windows XP correctly detects that the iPod Mini is a USB 2.0 device, and that I plugged it into a USB 1.1 port. It then informs me of that fact.

Nice, right? Except that I have no USB 2.0 ports on this laptop! I plugged it into a USB 1.1 port because that's all there is - I can't plug it into a USB 2.0 port. The device can't perform faster, there's no faster port to use!

Every single time I plug it in, "This device can go faster" - thanks, Windows, but if you bothered to check (and it does, because it'll display a list of USB ports available if you click on the message), you'd discover that while the device may be able to go faster, the computer can't!


Super Princess Peach

I just had to post this. It's been circulating around the web for a while, but Nintendo has created Super Princess Peach in which everyone's favorite Mushroom Kingdom royalty has to save Mario from the hands of the Koopas.

I just love the concept. Peach has had her day as a playable character before (she was easily the best all-around character in Super Mario Bros. 2, since she could float), and in Super Mario RPG she fought along side Mario (and Bowser). I wonder if she'll get the Frying Pan in this new game, too?

It looks to be an interesting game.


The World is Coming to an End

Well, it's happened. Global warming is real. We're all doomed.

I saw a mosquito.

In the middle of January.

We're doomed.


Earth Animation

This is based on the Blue Marble images of earth for each month of the year, animated to show each month as a frame. It allows you to see how the earth changes as the year progresses.

Use the Read More link to view the image.


Debian Installed!

I've managed to get Linux installed on my system again! This time, instead of Gentoo, I'm using Debian Linux. This means that the system was up and running in about 15 minutes instead of a day.

Plus I can make fun of Gentoo users now.

Now all I need to do is figure out why my sound isn't working...

Edit: (after applying bandages to bleeding ears) Now I just need to figure out why sound is only work in the Totem media player. Never turn up the volume when trying to figure out why the sound isn't working...


Freaking Spammers

So I come home from work, and check my email, which I had checked just before leaving for work.

You Have 38 New Messages.

(spam filter runs)

0 New Messages.

And they're all freaking viruses, alerting the users of the email service (which there aren't any, of course) to try and run some virus file.

Sigh. I hate spammers. And virus writers. Freaking jerks.



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