PAX East 2011 Calendar

I've created a calendar of PAX East events. You can view it, and get a link to the Perl script used to generate it, after the break.


Final Fantasy XIV, Four Months In

Actually, this is closer to four and a half months, but whatever, with the most recent patch, it's time to take another look at Final Fantasy XIV and decide whether or not the changes made have really helped the game.

The short answer is yes, the game has improved, but no, it's not really fun yet. So far, the changes have mostly been to fix things that were horribly broken. For example, ranking up combat classes no longer is a hopeless slog that slowly steals away your will to live until you realize that you don't have to continue playing.

Oscar Picks 2011

The 2011 Oscar Awards are coming up, and I guess the thing to do is to make picks about who you think is going to win.

Unfortunately, I don't know movies. The only movie I saw in 2010 was Avatar, and, well, it already got its awards. So, since I can't make any picks, I have a much better idea: let MD5 make picks.

I'm going to be allowing the MD5 hashing algorithm decide. For the sake of this blog post, lowest hash value of the movie name plus who was nominated wins. (Or which song in the case of the Music, Original Song category.) Full results after the break.


So CSI operates on GTA rules

From "the Two Mrs. Grissoms:" "Possible drunk driver, hit the street light, car exploded."

So, that means cars on CSI operate on GTA rules: after they take enough damage, they catch fire, and then explode. No exceptions.


Upgrading to Drupal 7...

I've been working on updating the site to use Drupal 7. You might notice that at present, it's still using Drupal 6. There's a reason for that: it hasn't been exactly a smooth process.

First off, you're going to want to make sure you disable any custom modules and custom themes. They won't work initially. Then set your current theme to Garland.

So far, I've run into two empty tables that block the update process. I'm not sure what created them, but it's safe to just drop them: role_permission and date_format_type. (Update: Drupal 7 created them, and the MySQL script I was running to "reset" the database wasn't clearing everything.)

Some Useful AviSynth Scripts

Since I've written a whole bunch of AviSynth scripts for my Armored Core LP, I might as well post them for anyone who might find them useful.

This includes functions for fast forwarding 2×, 4×, 8×, and 16×, along with a picture-in-picture function.

AviSynth Utility Scripts


Colossal Cave Adventure

Well, since I've actually got the thing working for the most part, try playing the Colossal Cave Adventure, ported to JavaScript! This (should) be the entire mostly-original game, playable right from in your browser.

Something Silly

OK, I generally don't bother with politics on this site, and this will be no exception, honestly. Essentially, I saw one of those "Choose Life" license plates, and my first thought was this:

I then realized what they really meant.


Final Fantasy XIV UI Enhancements: It Took You This Long?!

It sounds like Square Enix is in fact going to listen to some of the complaints about Final Fantasy XIV. Sadly, the list is too funny to skip because they're all features that should never have missed beta, let alone release:

–Inventory Sort Feature
The late-November version update will include the addition of a feature that will allow players to sort their inventories.

Really?! Late November?!!! I have to reiterate: How did this miss closed beta, never mind release?!

Thoughts on Final Fantasy XIV

Well, the reviews are in, and it's unanimous: Final Fantasy XIV is a turkey.

There's no denying this. I'm sure as hell not playing the game for the game as it currently exists. I'm playing it for the game I hope it can eventually become. So now, the question is: will it improve?

Well... it's hard to say. At the very least, the developers are being much more responsive than they were for Final Fantasy XI, at least when I played it.


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