XMLHttpRequest Same Domain Stupidity

When using XMLHttpRequest, there's an annoying restriction saying that you may only request data from the original domain the page came from.

This causes problems when you need to, for whatever reason, access data from another domain. With web mashups becoming more and more common, this is becoming a large problem.


Disabling Progressive Scan on your Wii

This doesn't come up all that often, but - say you had your Wii plugged into a TV that supports progressive scan and had that enabled. Then you switch TVs to one that doesn't. Think something like bringing the Wii over to a friend's house. This only applies when using the Component cables (red, green, and blue video plugs) - the Composite cable (single yellow plug) doesn't support 480p and the Wii won't try it. Which is why the following works.

The PS3 is nice enough to provide a feature where holding down the power button resets it to 480i. The Wii does not.


Dear Visual Studio: Stop Adding "using System.Linq;" to everything!

"The type or namespace name 'Linq' does not exist in the namespace 'System' (are you missing an assembly reference?)"

Really? That's neat because I never added Linq in the first place! Visual Studio did!

Every single new class contains "using System.Linq" - which is pretty stupid because, amazingly enough, not every class needs to work with databases.

To compound the stupidity, new projects do not contain an assembly reference to System.Linq - which generates this warning.


NCIS: Who Could Beat Gibbs in a Fight?

This question comes straight from a conversation that Abby and McGee have in the episode "Road Kill." From the episode:

ABBY: I'd pay to see the right battle. Like Leroy Jethro Gibbs versus...

MCGEE: Ziva!

ABBY: Oh, McGee, I was thinking like Terminator.

MCGEE: Which model? TX? T1000?

ABBY: All of them. Gibbs terminates.

MCGEE: Alright, how about Gibbs versus Godzilla?

ABBY: King of the monsters? Toast.

MCGEE: Mothra?

ABBY: Wingless in a nanosecond. Come on, McGee, give me something fierce. Boss-man's got mad skills.


Google Earth, and the NCIS episode "Blowback"

I'm watching an episode of NCIS off my TiVo HD - which means nice resolution, and I can pause and rewind it. The episode involves the NCIS agents investigating a weapons deal. They discover an email detailing where the deal will take place - at 45 26' 29"N 71 41' 29"W, which is, in fact, the actual coordinates for the airport mentioned in the story.


LittleBigPlanet's Lose-Lose Premium Costume Dilemma

LittleBigPlanet has announced that they're offering special "premium" costumes that you're expected to pay to download.

It's a lose-lose proposition, really, though. A big part of LittleBigPlanet is the online community. This means that there are basically two options:

  1. You download the actual costume. Anyone who has not bought the costume won't see you in it.
  2. You download the right to use the costume. The costume is then pushed to all users in a content patch, so others can see your premium virtual threads.

Testing the PS3's JavaScript Performance

According to Masaki Takase, the PS3's JavaScript performance beats that of IE7's.

Really? That sounds like something that's testable! Cue SunSpider!

Well, actually, no. Because the PS3 browser can't handle all the SunSpider tests. I had to remove three of them to get it to complete. Results in the full article.

Best Buy Completely Screws Up LittleBigPlanet Release

You may have heard about LittleBigPlanet. It's only one of the most anticipated games this year. In order to increase anticipation, Sony released several preorder bonuses that were given to various retailers.

Best Buy got a special downloadable Nariko SackGirl, a costume for your character.

TiVo Announces "Badoop Badoop Show"

I just received a spamnewsletter from TiVo announcing the "Badoop Badoop" show.

The "Badoop" is the sound effect that TiVo makes when you start fast-forwarding (or rewinding) TV.

So I guess it's a show about skipping TV shows?


Something from my spam box...

I managed to receive this spam today. It made it past the somewhat lousy filters where I work:

Subject: With shouldbe once heard.
These fixed evils sit so fit. Her in fine consentAs well. Ofsleeves. do other servants.


And that's it. So it's not a virus, there's no attachment. And it's not trying to sell me something. In fact, it doesn't appear to mean a thing.




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