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Submitted by Xenoveritas on

Day 1 is wrapping up at PAX East. Not much to say from the expo hall yet since the only booth I really looked at was the Square Enix booth and the only thing I really saw was the Saints Row 4 presentation. Which wasn't really much of anything, although they did show off a bit of the new plot. (It's an alien invasion.) You are no longer just the boss of the Third Street Saints, you are now the President of the United States and you have super powers. It's at this point that I can't help but assume that Volition is just screwing with us, but who knows, it could work.

The only other thing of note from the Square Enix booth is that they have no forgotten about the FFX HD remix, and will apparently be releasing it for the PS Vita along with FFX-2. Because that's what people really want. Or something.

I do now have a Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn beta code, so that's kind of neat. Ultimately I expect that, regardless of how well the new game is, its success or failure lie in the subscription model they end up using. If they continue using their stupidly complicated "base subscription fee plus extra for character slots" I can't see it working in this new free-to-play MMO arena. It sounds like they may be going the "subscription-less option with cosmetic cash shop," but what can I say, I never trust Square Enix to do sane things.

So, ultimately, it's about time to pack up and get ready for Day 2. I'll probably post some pictures once I'm home and can actually upload them to my site.