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No Man's Sky: Some Thoughts

Submitted by Xenoveritas on

No Man's Sky is out, and the reviews have been - well, appropriate, for the most part. This was a hugely hyped, hugely ambitious game that just fell short. It gets more annoying when you realize just how close to the mark it was and how just a bit more polish could have made the game just flat-out better.

So with that in mind, here are some of the ways I felt the game fell short:

Final Fantasy XIV Timers

Submitted by Xenoveritas on

In the hopes that this may prove useful to someone, have a Final Fantasy XIV event timer. Eventually I might simplify the JavaScript so that it can be used as an embeddable "widget" but for now it's just that page.

Currently it shows the active events (at least, the ones that have been announced) and the weekly/daily reset times. (At least, I think those are the correct times based on what Square Enix has said.)

Evolution Controllers Drone Input Modes

Submitted by Xenoveritas on

I've bought an Evolution Controllers "Drone" bluetooth controller. It's a very nice, small little controller designed to work with tablets and phones for gaming on the go. To aid with this, it supports a variety of "input modes" that define how it works.

Unfortunately, these are not documented anywhere, beyond the key combinations required to activate them.

So here you go, a table of the modes and what they do, based on the source itself.