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Submitted by Xenoveritas on

Since I had to look it up recently, here's the list of quests required to unlock the Moogle beast tribe quests:

The final unlock quest is Tricks and Stones and is located just outside of Moghome (The Churning Mists - X: 27.2, Y: 34.5). The Main Story Quest has to be progressed through past He Who Would Not Be Denied - some of the quest chain quests are available before that but the quest chain itself requires it before it can be completed. Flight within the Churning Mist is also required during the unlock quest chain. (Weirdly Tricks and Stones indicates it unlocks after the Aery but the unlock sidequest requires the MSQ be progressed past that.)

The first quest chain is the Pomguard quest chain, and it jumps around a fair bit and frequently resumes nowhere near where it ended. (This is why I've included the locations.) Flying is conceptually not required for this but recommended for your sanity.

This ends the Pomguard quest chain, and unlocks a new quest chain that starts in Ishgard. Other than starting in Ishgard, this is a fairly normal chain without the quest resuming randomly elsewhere in the zone. Locations are given anyway. Flying is required for this chain - you can't reach some of the quest locations without flight.

Once this chain is done, the Moogle beast tribe quests can be unlocked by doing the quest Tricks and Stones (The Churning Mists - X: 27.2, Y: 34.5) as a level 50 or higher crafter.