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DragonRaiders Webpage

Update: The LinkShell has since dissolved, the forums have been moved here.

I play Final Fantasy XI on the Phoenix server, so I currently host the DragonRaiders' Forums.


Video Game Ringtones

I've uploaded some ring tones obtained from various MIDI files I found around the web. (I have no idea where though, these are fairly old.)

So point your web-enabled phone to http://www.xenoveritas.org/wap/ and enjoy the custom ring tones!

Update 2007: The mobile site has been updated to use XHTML (so older phones won't work) and moved to http://mobile.xenoveritas.org/.

Web Comics

Well, I've uploaded my web comics page. It contains links to several web comics, and automatically checks and unchecks them based on whether the current day is a day when the comic should be updated.

Take a look.


MozTris is a Tetris-like game, implemented as JavaScript using the HTML 4.01 strict and CSS 2.0 standards. It doesn't work in Internet Explorer for a variety of reasons (it doesn't properly support the PNG standard, among others), but users of Mozilla based browsers and the Opera browser can enjoy playing this game.

So, go try it out.


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