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Submitted by Xenoveritas on

This is only for, but as of now, if you have NoScript set to block, you won't be able to view videos on

Thankfully, there is a feature in NoScript called "surrogate scripts" that allows NoScript to substitute a script stub to make things work on websites even if a given domain is blocked. So all I need to do it write a surrogate script to implement the functions it needs.

It turns out doesn't work because a single function is missing: FB.Event.subscribe. So the entire surrogate script is:


Yay! Now to just get that into NoScript. Thankfully, it turns out that there's an "import" function in the latest version of NoScript, so I can just link to a text file that can be used to import the surrogate script.

With this surrogate installed, you should be able to use to watch videos while continuing to block

Update: The more recent versions of NoScript have their own version of this surrogate script, so it's no longer required and probably shouldn't be added.