Google Releases Google Chrome (Beta)

Google has released their own browser, called Google Chrome. And I really like it - with one huge, major flaw.

Why is it called Chrome? Because chrome is "the user interface portion" of an application. In other words, the back/forward buttons and the address bar would all be chrome. So Google Chrome is the chrome around webpages, I guess.

The good, first:

Google Chrome is based on WebKit, which means it has basically the same level of website compatibility as Safari has. It's very snappy - far snappier than Firefox, maybe even faster than Opera. It has a whole bunch of really cool ideas intended to make the browser more stable, faster, and just plain better.

Sadly, there is one giant flaw that prevents it from being quite as good as Firefox: it has no support for extensions, yet. And extensions are what makes Firefox my browser of choice.

Hopefully Google Chrome will eventually gain extensions. It is based on open source software, and it looks very promising.

And I do like that it manages to goof up the Vista-style windows it uses on Vista. But anyway...