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Submitted by Xenoveritas on

LittleBigPlanet has announced that they're offering special "premium" costumes that you're expected to pay to download.

It's a lose-lose proposition, really, though. A big part of LittleBigPlanet is the online community. This means that there are basically two options:

  1. You download the actual costume. Anyone who has not bought the costume won't see you in it.
  2. You download the right to use the costume. The costume is then pushed to all users in a content patch, so others can see your premium virtual threads.

Option 1 means that there's less of a reason to buy the costume - no one else will see it. You can't show off your cool new Sephiroth costume to your friends online unless they buy it too.

Option 2, on the other hand, means there's absolutely no reason to purchase the costume. You're downloading the content anyway. It's hanging around on your PS3. You just aren't allowed to use it unless you pony up a few bucks.

Neither option is really great.