PAX East 2013 - Pictures

As (sort of) promised, here are some of the pictures I've taken from PAX East:

BCEC Entrance
The entrance to the BCEC and PAX East

Panorama of the expo hall
A panorama of the expo hall

Panorama of the tabletop area
A panorama of the tabletop area

The Indie Mega Booth
A ton of indie games make up the Indie Megabooth

A life-size statue of Lara Croft
A life-size statue of Lara Croft in the Square Enix booth

Statue of Thief and his bow
A statue of the Garrett from Thief and his bow from the Thief series. Nothing else about the game coming out next year, but that's still kind of neat.

A life-size statue of Sam Fisher
Square Enix wasn't the only booth with statues, Sam Fisher also had a statue. His headset is lit up.

A tiny Portal turret
A special PAX East-only (I guess) version of ThinkGeek's Portal turret LED flashlight.

The Prince of All Cosmos
Yet again, whoever was cosplaying the Prince of All Cosmos was back, waving from the sky bridge as everyone waited in the Queue Room to enter. Even the Prince needed a coffee boost to keep going by Day 3.

And, finally, just because I like the concept (despite having never bought one):
The Mustache Imporium
The Mustache Imporium.