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So after being called out for calling Sarah Palin a MILF, David Jaffe (the director of God of War according to the Wikipedia) decided that he couldn't just shut up.

There's this accusatory tone of me being sexist or being crass when I called Sarah Palin ... a MILF. ... I just don't understand. I'm not sexist. I have two little girls. I respect and love women. I think we're all pretty much equal, obviously given some physical differences. I look at us as equals. And I think that's just really fucking nit-picking and ultra-politically correct to the point of just being absurd to assume that because I look at a woman and say the only thing I can see she's good for is fucking and let's be honest: I'm going to retract that statement, because if I did actually fuck her, and God forbid, she got pregnant, she ain't getting rid of that baby - I ain't taking care of another fuckin' baby - because she's anti-abortion, so she ain't no longer a MILF to me. So hopefully that helps you a bit.

So there you go, controversy averted!


I should be fair to Jaffe. First, because his original statement was nowhere near as inflammatory as his counter-troll, and secondly because he does go on to list some actual reasons why he doesn't like Palin as a candidate.

But sheesh, what a quote. I guess that's one way to bring in the page views.