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Submitted by Xenoveritas on

OK, so after yet another week of cut-and-paste long-block-of-text "comics," I'm finally getting around to removing Real Life Comics from the webcomics page. It hasn't been funny in ages, and the only reason it was left up was due to momentum.

Plus, Greg Dean has committed the cardinal sin of webcomics: he made a half-assed webcomic, and then decided he wanted it to be his career.

I'm sorry, I'll put up with blatant copy-and-paste and poor writing when you're just doing it for fun and free. As soon as you start trying to charge money for it, I expect a certain minimum level of quality. Such as "drawing each frame" and the occasional "visual gag" seeing as comics are supposed to be a visual medium.

But Real Life just keeps on copy and pasting the same characters in the same poses at the same size for four frames with giant balloons of text making for the "jokes." That's not a comic.