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Submitted by Xenoveritas on

So let's say you see someone with a sign that says "Toronto Stronger" at a Boston Bruins/Toronto Maple Leafs game. It's in somewhat poor taste, sure. It may be a bit soon. Do you just roll your eyes and move on, or do you go off and whine about it?

Well, apparently, if you're, you post three front page stories about it. Because this is hard-hitting news and nothing else is happening. (To be fair, mind you, that last link is the largest story on the page. The other three links I gave are right below it, though, above the virtual fold.)

But, hey, "Boston Strong," right? We're Boston, we're going to move on and not be dicks to the family trying to bury their loved one, right? 'Course not. People are already preemptively trying to deny him burial in Massachusetts. One of the links about "Toronto Stronger" suggests "burying him in Toronto." Even the ancient Greeks would consider this treatment barbaric. Both our candidates for senate have suggested he shouldn't be buried here - Gomez going as far as saying he should be "buried at sea with Bin Laden."

Now if the bomber's family wants him buried in Russia, that's fine - we should do whatever we need to return his remains to them and allow them to do so. But turning his burial into a freaking political circus and protesting the funeral home where his body is?

This isn't "Boston Strong." This is "Boston stupid."

Boston Strong is going about our daily lives. Boston Strong is visiting Boylston Street, visiting the stores, and eating at the restaurants. Boston Strong is declaring that next year's Boston Marathon will be bigger and better than ever.

But getting all worked up about some guy with a sign? Protesting a dead man's theoretical burial? C'mon. We're stronger than that.