The Boondock Saints Soundtrack

Update 2010-11-02: While there's still no sound track for the original Boondock Saints, you can buy the Boondock Saints II Soundtrack, which contains several of the songs in question. Plus, Jeff Danna's website has been completed, so you can check that out for additional information. Back to the original post below:

After having searched for a Boondock Saints soundtrack and not being able to find it, I finally found that they do, in fact, list most of the songs in the movie on their official website (Flash warning) on the about the film section (Flash again).

It's worth noting the "official soundtrack" is Release the Hounds (iTunes link), which only contains a few songs that actually appear in the film. When I checked Jeff Danna's website, it was essentially an "under construction" page. (Update 2010-11-02: It's now actually there and contains quite a few of the songs.)

Now, while it's cool to have this information sorta-available, it's essentially totally unreadable inside the Flash. So here it is, recreated in a readable form:

The score for the movie was done by Jeff Danna. It was exclusively written for The Boondock Saints.

Jeff Danna began scoring for films in 1987 after a hand injury ended his performance career. Since then he has scored over 150 feature film and television episodes. Additionally, his Celtic albums (with brother Mychael) have enjoyed worldwide success, and most significantly for this site, spawned the Theme from The Boondock Saints.

Visit Jeff's web site at

A complete listing of all the other music from the movie:

"The Blood of Cuchulainn"
Composed by Jeff and Mychael Danna
Jeff Danna Music (SOCAN)
Mychael Danna Music (SOCAN)
Administered by Superliminal Music (ASCAP)

"Tell Me"
Composed by Robert J. Walsh
First Digital Music (BMI)

"White Rapids"
Composed by Emery/Lyddon
Jim Long Music Publishing (ASCAP)

"Miss Mountain"
Composed by Greenburg/Harrell
One Music Publishing (ASCAP)

"Bach Concerto in E Major"
Public Domain

"La Boheme"
Public Domain

"Terminal Velocity"
Composed by Gavin Griffiths
Jim Long Music Publishing (ASCAP)

"War Not War"
Composed by Ian Anderson
Jim Long Music Publishing (ASCAP)

"Crystal Dancehall"
Composed by Glynn/Smith
Jim Long Music Publishing (ASCAP)

"Club Newburgh"
Composed by Stephen/Darren Loveday
Jim Long Music Publishing (ASCAP)

"Ahmedabab Theme"
Composed by Arel/Petit
Jim Long Music Publishing (ASCAP)

"Stained Glass"
Composed by James Clarke
Jim Long Music Publishing (ASCAP)

Composed by Ronin Hardiman
Jim Long Music Publishing (ASCAP)

"Rock Hard"
Composed by Stephen/Darren Loveday
Jim Long Music Publishing (ASCAP)

"Rock n Roll Wardrobe"
Composed by Stephen/Darren Loveday
Jim Long Music Publishing (ASCAP)

"Fallen Angel"
Composed by Tony Hallinan
Jim Long Music Publishing (ASCAP)

As far as I know, none of these are the techno chant, which is what I was originally looking for. Oh well.

Update 2010-11-02: The "Techno Chant" song is, in fact, called "Crew Cut Vs. Poppa M" and is available on the Boondock Saints II Soundtrack.



it's called "Russian Fight Scene Techno". Good song.

The Russian Techno Fight Scene is already listed above as "Terminal Velocity", if you have an mp3 file named "russian techno fight scene" it is just the same music clip under a different name.. because it appears at that part of the movie. I have the mp3 file that you are looking for and it is simply cut from the file and titled "Techno Chant", and its a completely different piece of music than the russian techno figth scene clip.

I believe he was looking for the song that plays when they kill the Russian boss after falling through the ceiling. Or perhaps it was playing when they were riding the elevator up to kill him, either way, it was during that scene. That's the song I'm looking for; any help on that?

did you ever find that Boondock Saints song you were looking for? Cuz I too am looking for it. Thanks.

has any1 found that song yet? because i have had no luck trying to find it

"The Boondock Saints is also the name of Troy Duffy's band, originally named The Brood. The band was renamed following the movie's success. To date, they have released one album called Release the Hounds, which featured two songs that appear in the movie: "Holy Fool", which played during Rocco's tavern shootout, and "Pipes", which played during the credits. The album is in very low circulation. It can be purchased in the iTunes Music Store. During the bar fight with the three russian mobsters, the band feature as extras." -

Noticed that these two songs were left out of the list, could be one of them.

I am looking for the song that has a chant to it. Like an old greek type of thing. From what i've found, i think the genre is "byzantine," but i cant find anything like it. I've found some old boring worship type things, but i am looking for something more modern.

Have you seen this website:

Please, what is the name of the "techno chant" playing when the brothers walk thru the city on their way to the Russian Mafia Mob. It's also playing in the elevator. Anyone found this yet??

Does anyone know the song with all the pinch harmonics in it? Where Rocco is driving the guy to that house so he can murder that entire family?

am also looking for this song, did you get it?
does anyone knows the name of that song? it awesome!!

Its called Rock'n Roll Wardobe

xology mix

you can download all the songs here:

This was the answer to everything. Thanks.

I found IT!!!!!!

popularly called 'techno chant', the song that plays at the dvd menu.

might try this site:

do you know where i can find anything similiar to the "techno chant"

Whats the name of the song that plays when the brothers are in the hotel elevator, going to assasinate the russian boss?

It's just a guess

omg xology..finally...sick song...where can i get a copy of it?

The band Era has music that sounds like this. I don't think that they made the song that's played in the elevator, but you will find that songs like Ameno, etc. have the same "feel" to then... bass, mixed with religious chants... all try "The Mass"

"The Mass" sounds a lot like Carl Orff's "O Fortuna"

does this list happen to include the song that is playing towards the begining when the credits are going? i can remember a little that they show them walking around boston and sitting on top of a building while the song is playing. i love this song and have been searching for it everywhere

its called the blood of cu chulainn.

does anyone know where i can find something similiar to the "techno chant"

Does anyone know name of the song that plays when a guy get shot as he comes out of bathroom

that song when hee come sout of the bathroom is called white rapids yo yeah found it its awsome

omg, thank you so much

I love this song so much

Anyone know the song playing when rocco dies?

whats the name of the song when Agent Smecker gets out of the car and the Cheif and Smecker handshake, please tell me the name of that song, if anyone knows it

I'm dying to find this one out too.

there is a certain techno song that is played when vincenzo is shot in the strip club, im not talking about the song "tell me" the other song that plays before that is the one im looking for

It's called Mississippi Queen, can't remember the artist though

hewy whats the song called when rocco dies and they break his hand to get it out of the hand cuffs.

if anyone know can u send me the name of the song at

I'm also looking for this, though I am pretty sure this page is old, and this may never be seen, but I am wondering what the song that plays in the strip club shooting is.

anyone know the song playing during the fire fight? email me at if you know.....thanks

I know its the same song in the church at the beginning, ive looked but cant find it.

The song in the church at the beginning is called Stained Glass

Right but the song in the beginning isnt the same one as hes talking about. He's looking for the one during the penny scene.

Here is the name of the song when Rocco dies, Boondock Saints Soundtrack: Choral Music (Saints from the Streets)

And here is the link to that song on youtube.... hope you enjoy!

Ive yet to find that whole song, but its mixed in with a few other things in the Armageddon Mix.

Anyone know what music is used during the ironing/cauterising sequence?

i am looking for the song that is played during the man with the 6 weapons shoots.does anyone know this song? please help me!

I can't find the song where Roccos says "catch you on the flipside" then walks towards the bar. If anyone knows the name of the song that would be awesome!

Its "Holy Fool" by the Boondock Saints


ok after the hunt for the saints scene at the very end when it goes to the scrolling end credits....what is the name of that song w/the bagpipes, guitars etc. Awsome song!! Can anybody help me out with this?

The sweet song that just reminds you of EPICness is the The Blood of Cu Chulainn by Mychael Danna, Jeff Danna.

Actually it's on the sound track as #13 called "Pipes" It starts out as the old song "Danny Boy" and just gets real modified.

Ok so a friend of mine knows of my love for this movie and went about finding me the music. I dont know if it has everything, but it's got 2 more than what's listed, which are remixes. I don't know where she got it though... i'm investigating that as we speak.