Colossal Cave Adventure

Well, since I've actually got the thing working for the most part, try playing the Colossal Cave Adventure, ported to JavaScript! This (should) be the entire mostly-original game, playable right from in your browser.

As of the latest version, you can now save your game! Note that save games might not work between releases, and that I may have managed to miss saving some state someplace, but it worked well enough to allow me to figure out what was wrong with the plover transport without going insane repeating the same steps over and over again.

Update: Apparently I never bothered adding this, but the original code is available over here. This includes a copy of the original Fortran code as well as the original, unminified JavaScript and the Perl script used to translate the original room descriptions into the JSON object used. This is a Subversion repository that allows anonymous SVN access.


FYI the game crashes every time you try to go west from the Plover room.

So it does. I've fixed it in the latest version, along with the other problem, trying to Plover with the emerald, which would also crash the game. That only took me like two years to get around to doing.

There are to error concerning the far side of the Troll Bridge. You still have the food, even after you've fed the bear. Also if you use the bear to frighten the troll, it doesn't tell you the troll has gone. You have to look to find him gone.

I ported Advent a few years ago to Java Swing, then recently ported that to Javascript to get it onto the web, so I can relate to your project.

What about license? You know, peopel cannot distribute and/or modify your port without your permission.

Sadly I have no idea what the license is on the original ADVENT code, so I have no idea what licenses are actually available for modified versions.