PAX Prime 2012

Apparently I didn't manage to miss out the joy of PAX Pox, despite not going to the 2009 PAX Prime. I still got a terrible cold after returning home from PAX Prime this year. Although I think I most likely got it from the flight home and not PAX itself.

The highlight of PAX Prime for me was probably playing a test version of Flying Circus Fluxx with Andy Looney himself. So that was cool. Plus I picked up the latest version of Fluxx from the booth next to them, Pandemonium Books & Games, who made the trip from Boston for some reason. (But, hey, why not. I was there and I'm from the Boston area too.)

I also attended the Square Enix Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Event, which was ... interesting, I guess. They showed Agni's Philosophy, which was a movie of a real-time demo running on - well, who knows what. The video they were showing is at the link. I stuck around long enough for the Final Fantasy XIV "A Realm Reborn" event, which was not really worth sticking around for.

Basically, they showed off UI elements being moved around, the fact that you can now jump, and that was about it. The gameplay stuff they did show wasn't in any real detail. They're adding "Limit Breaks" but much beyond them looking nifty, they really didn't say what they actually did.

I also went to the Guild Wars 2 launch event, despite the fact that I don't play Guild Wars 2. (Or didn't at the time, I do now.) The line was - well, a bit long:

A picture of the Guild Wars 2 line.

It went from the bar where it was being held, back around the entire top level of the mall, and then wrapped back around towards the front of the line again, stopping to go into a restaurant or something. I don't know where the actual end was.

But that's what PAX is all about - standing in ridiculously long lines.