Quick list of Half Minute Hero PC Annoyances

Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy is out on Steam now. It - well, it runs on PC. Apparently it contains all the original PSP content too. (I haven't played far enough to verify that.)

But the PC port has some... issues. Here's my brief list of them.

  • There are no resolution options. Instead, the game is scaled from 1280x720 to "whatever your desktop resolution" is. This is actually slightly worse than it sounds, because some of the graphics are sized so that they're scaled to make it to 1280x720 in the first place, and then scaled again to go to desktop resolution. It looks bad.

    Thankfully you can just Alt-Enter to go to windowed mode and play that way.

  • The game suggests you play with a controller. A good idea! However, you can only use a controller if it was plugged in (and on, in the case of the wireless Xbox 360 controller I'm using) when the game starts. Forgot to turn it on? You have to restart the game.
  • With the controller on, the key prompts all remain their keyboard keys. There appears to be no Xbox 360 controller support - which is stupid, because this game is a port of the Xbox 360 version.
  • There are two graphic styles, "NEO Cartoon" and "Retro." "NEO Cartoon" looks awful, so you should always play in "Retro." The game resets to "NEO Cartoon" every time it's launched, so you always have to change it back to "Retro."

I'm sure there will be more to whine about eventually, but that's my short list.

Note that the game's still fun and worth playing. But - the port could be better.