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Earth Animation

This is based on the Blue Marble images of earth for each month of the year, animated to show each month as a frame. It allows you to see how the earth changes as the year progresses.

Use the Read More link to view the image.


Holy. Shit.

So my commute into work takes me down Route 3 (although there is an alternate route I can take). Well - there was quite an accident on Route 3 this morning - fortunately for me, in the other direction. But they had to completely close off Route 3 northbound.

From the Boston Globe's traffic report:

Rte. 3 North (Rte. 128/I-95 to I-495)
Accident Fire department activity before Exit 29: Rte. 129. Affecting left lane and center lane and right lane. Road closed. Traffic being detoured off at Concord Road, exit 27. Avoid area.

At least three cars were involved from what I saw. Some people who I think were in it were standing by the side of the road while three ambulances, a firetruck, and countless local and state police were taking care of the accident.



First off, the DVD-ROM drive in my main work desktop is dead. Second off, the DVD-ROM drive in my laptop is dead. (I'm noticing a pattern here... I'm blaming the power in the building. >_>)

Anyway, so I pop the DVD into another machine and copy 1.7 GB of installers onto my main machine over the network. I then start to install it and realize it's the wrong version!

So then I get to copy 3.25 GB of data over for the CORRECT version. Ow.

The fun thing is I think the bottleneck was still the DVD-ROM drive, not network speeds. Gigabit Ethernet is fun! (Although both machines are only using 100MBit cards, but it means that I wasn't bogging the network down.)


WTF is wrong with Massachusetts?

Well, I always wondered, but apparently Massachusetts is a barren brown wasteland.


Mmm... Terriaki Steak Tips

Mmm... Terriaki steak tips FTW!11!!!


It's Snowing! Stop Driving Like It's Not!

Accident count for the trip in today: 3.

One two car accident (I think).
One single car accident (drop off the road).
One accident across the median that had backed traffic up (didn't see details for this).

Guys. It's snowing out. The roads are slippery.

Drive safely, please!


Car's fine

Well, I got the car back a couple of days ago, turns out the problem was "it's cold out and you're parking in a snowbank."



Car apparently not unharmed...

Well, it appears that my car's tires became unbalanced after sliding into the snowbank. :(

So I'm sending it in for Fuzzy (my mechanic - yes, it says Fuzzy on his card) to have it looked at on Monday.

Edit: Oh no, my post count in no longer 42! :(


So Then I Hit The Snowbank...

OK, so I'm driving to work in the snow today. Apparently I'm going slightly too fast and spin out of control on 495, whamming into the snowbank. I wind up perpendicular to the road.

So anyway, fortunately someone with a pickup truck stops by and helps pull me out of the snowbank. My car's unharmed and I'm dead. Er, unharmed too. (See, I have ESP, so... No, wait, no I don't.)

Anyway, I've learned a bit about driving in the snow today.



Random Things Seen on Way To Work

So on my way into work on Friday I first pass a funeral prossession that's going down Rt. 3 for some reason, and then wind up behind an armored SWAT truck.

It was a weird trip in.



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