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Super Princess Peach

I just had to post this. It's been circulating around the web for a while, but Nintendo has created Super Princess Peach in which everyone's favorite Mushroom Kingdom royalty has to save Mario from the hands of the Koopas.

I just love the concept. Peach has had her day as a playable character before (she was easily the best all-around character in Super Mario Bros. 2, since she could float), and in Super Mario RPG she fought along side Mario (and Bowser). I wonder if she'll get the Frying Pan in this new game, too?

It looks to be an interesting game.


License Keys are enough, screw your CD

Dear Game Publishers,

Do you ever listen to your developers? Ever?

I know that the developers of Unreal Tournament 2003 didn't want to require the damned CD. I know that the developers of Half-Life 2 didn't want to require the damned CD, because the version you can buy directly from them DOESN'T.

You know that license key you include with every version of your software?

That's enough.

You know what making me have to use the CD does? It makes it so I don't play your game. And because I don't play your game, I don't care about your sequel.

You know what else you do? You make the pirated version of the game more valuable. That's right, why should I play $50 for a crippled game that requires a specific CD to be in my drive in order to start playing it, when I could instead spend a few hours downloading the game and be able to play it without being bothered.


Video Game Awards

OK, so as almost nobody cares, SpikeTV is showing the 2004 Video Game Awards (Warning: webpage is useless).

And wow, are they awful.

Have you ever seen the MTV music awards? Know how half the personalities they get can't act worth anything? Well, SpikeTV managed to get that up to almost all of them can't act. Watching the "segments" between awards is painful. Just... painful.

Anyway, they just showed a "preview" for an upcoming Godfather game. Which was interesting, in that it was obviously a cutscene, involving one character and one area. And... nothing else. Congratulations, you can create cutscenes as well as Metal Gear Solid 3 did. What do you do in the game? What's the point?



MozTris is a Tetris-like game, implemented as JavaScript using the HTML 4.01 strict and CSS 2.0 standards. It doesn't work in Internet Explorer for a variety of reasons (it doesn't properly support the PNG standard, among others), but users of Mozilla based browsers and the Opera browser can enjoy playing this game.

So, go try it out.


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