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Actually, Vigilante's emblem IS the Raven's Nest logo. It's just the version of it you see in messages with R.
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I've basically completely glossed over the Raven rankings, so as another text-only update, let's go through the Ranking Ravens. The Top 10 Ravens are given using their ranks at the start of the game, the ranks change as you play through the game.

Sometimes these changes are based on fights with enemy Ravens, but frequently, they change regardless of your actions.

Each rank is given as Pilot Name / AC Name. Italics is the in-game flavor text, the rest are additional notes.

Rank 1: Hustler One / Nine-ball

The No. 1 Raven. Said to be the strongest ever. Has the reputation of always handling the tough jobs.

Hustler One and Nine Ball show up in quite a few Armored Core games. Apparently we learn more about the pilot of Nine-ball in Master of Arena, so I'm not going to spoil that yet. Mainly because I've never played Master of Arena so I have no idea what we learn.

Rank 2: Losvaize / Valkyrie

Thought to be a woman from the name of her AC, yet nothing certain is known. A top-ranking Raven.

Her emblem reads "Roßweiße" - or "Rossweisse" if you want a prayer of finding the name on Google. Sadly, the first Google results links to Wikifur (as in "furry" - really). Thankfully the second link it came up with goes to the FFXIclopedia, and Final Fantasy XI nerds are kind enough to point out that the name "Rossweissse" comes from Die Walküre - a Wagner opera that, even if you've never heard of, you've almost certainly heard music from.

Not surprisingly, her emblem is the helmet that a Valkyrie wears.

Rank 3: Barutazura / Fefnir

Ranks among the top Ravens in mission success rate and targets destroyed in battle. A true ace.

As mentioned in the video where we met Fefnir, Fefnir is presumably a misspelling of Fafnir, another figure from Norse mythology.

Rank 4: Wolf / Fenrir

"Do the job reliably in a heavily-armed AC" is his creed. Always has an edge and is very successful.

Wolf and Fenrir. How creative. Fenrir gets used all over the place, so you can probably guess that it's another Norse mythology reference. I'm noting a theme here...

Rank 5: Crescent Moon / Crescent Moon

Always a gentleman, but in battle he is feared for the cool, professional way he gets the job done.

Really creative with the naming again. Also, I see the pattern has been broken.

Rank 6: Lynx Minx / Pretty Kitty

This Raven excels at high-speed cmobat in a 4-legged AC. Prefers wide-open areas with few obstacles.

Um... yeah. We're hitting the bottom of the barrel, here.

Rank 7: Nick Kawasaki / Dragon Killer

Uses a lightweight AC with enhanced radar. Good one-shot sniper; does the job with minimal combat.

Rank 8: Mizuho Kamui / Kamui mk. 17

Noticed as a spirited up-and-coming Raven. Takes full advantage of his heavily-armed tank AC.

We actually meet this Raven in a mission. He's not that tough - at least when using the Karasawa.

Rank 9: Peace Maker / Blue Steel

Known for his unique combat style that relies on guns only, no precision guided weapons.

Unique? That's my style! I think.

Rank 10: White Queen / Check Mate II

Loves close-up combat and excels at swordplay. Also known on the Net as a chess champion.

There are additional Ravens that will enter the rankings; in some cases, these are slots you empty by defeating the Raven who held them (such as Valkyrie and Nine-ball), in other cases, they randomly overtake other Ravens. I'm listing them alphabetically by pilot.

Boss Savage / Sledgehammer

Known to crush his enemies mercilessly, his flashy fighting style makes him not so successful.

This is the guy who tries to kill us in both the undersea base and in the second to last mission, "Mop Up Chrome Remnants." He survives the first attempt, but isn't so lucky the second time around.

Dynamitable / Blockbuster

His extreme fighting style leaves only scorched earth behind. Rumored to cause more damage than his pay.

Falcon / Vigilante

Falcon's "emblem", it's the standard Ravens' Nest emblemVigilante's AC, which has what appears to be a small gray and white emblem painted on it. A promising new Raven. His reputation is on the rise despite little experience. Has no original emblem.

I could swear that his AC has an emblem drawn on it, and it's not the Raven's Nest emblem. Hmmm...

Invincible Q / Bounty

With a price on his head, he lives by destroying his pursuers. Excels at covert actions; very successful.

Wait a second... what's that in his hand? Could it be? Another Raven that uses the Karasawa?!