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Armored Core

Armored Core is a game series by From Software, who are best known for, well, the Armored Core game series. While still somewhat a niche title, Armored Core is a fairly successful "mech" game. You play as a mercenary, called a Raven, who pilots an Armored Core: a giant customizable mech.

The Story

There is one. It's generally revealed through email sent to your Raven, and much of the backstory is left in the manual, but basically, the game takes place after a nuclear war called the Great Destruction that left the surface of the Earth uninhabitable. The survivors moved underground and created giant underground cities.

Like any good post-apocalyptic setting, the world is ruled mainly by giant mega-corporations, the two largest being Chrome and Murakumo Millennium.

The Gameplay

The game basically consists of two portions - mech building, where you buy AC parts and assemble them, and missions, where you take your mech out into the field and kill stuff. There is some variety to the missions, but most of them are "defeat all enemies."

Mech building is important enough to the game that the intro cutscene is literally a 3D rendered version of the mech-building system.

Unfortunately, the game is pretty much designed solely for people who have already played the game. Rather than offering you a training mission, you're first thrown into a "test" where you're not given any time to figure out how to control the damned thing. Since this game predates the DualShock, all camera controls are done on the shoulder pads. (It's actually less awkward than it sounds.)

Mission Briefing

I intend to complete all missions and collect all the "secret" parts. I'm probably not going to buy every part, since there are a ton of them and quite a few are pretty much worthless. I will also be collecting all the Human Plus bonuses.


Raven's Test (11:33)YouTube
Sewers of the Future (8:40)YouTube
Sewers with Sewage of the Future (16:36)YouTube
Destroy Fuel Depot (6:47)YouTube
Explodium Cars (9:32)YouTube
Explodium Organisms (18:25)YouTube
Crimson Skies (13:04)YouTube
Mechken Pox (11:39)YouTube
Oranje! Orane! (20:32)YouTube
Hobos of the Future (12:43)YouTube
Armored Servbot (19:45)YouTube
Chrome Capers (22:22)YouTube
Project Phantasma (19:01)YouTube
Arena Ranks 48-25 (14:27)YouTube
Project Plot Dump (14:50)YouTube
Dungeons & Mechs (19:06)YouTube
I’M SORRY, I CAN’T HEAR YOU! (15:31)YouTube
What is Phantasma, Anyway? (18:08)YouTube
Arena Ranks 24-1 (8:22)YouTube
Sumika is Worthless (15:13)YouTube

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