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Let's Play LEGO Star Wars

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Welcome to Let's Play LEGO Star Wars the Complete Saga.

LEGO Star Wars is the first in Traveller's Tales now long-running LEGO series of games. It was originally a video game for the prequel trilogy called just LEGO Star Wars. A follow-up was released called LEGO Star Wars II that covered Star Wars IV, V, and VI.


Mega Man X Race

This is an archive (essentially) of Mega Man X Race over on the Something Awful Let's Play forums. It's in the second round right now. This is just a list of the groups and the videos. Posters are listed by their Something Awful names.

Details about the race are over at the forums, you can check them out over there.


Let's Play The Wonderful End of the World

This was originally posted to the Short Game Theater thread on Something Awful, but I may as well duplicate it here.

This is the first game that Dejobaan Games released on Steam, and is basically the earliest game of theirs you can still buy. (Despite what gets said in Part 1.)

It is a completely original, never before seen game that has most certainly never been done before by a Namco game that was designed by Keita Takahashi. Definitely.


Let's Play Armored Core: Lots Of Numbers

I've been putting off posting this for a while, but while we're at it, here's a gigantic list of what the various part stats mean, according to the in-game help.

First off, generic stats that (almost) every part has:

The number of WP it costs to equip the part. The maximum available weight comes in two forms: the amount of weight the legs can carry, and the amount of weight the arms can carry.
Energy Drain
The amount of energy required to equip the part. The energy available is a function of the current generator.

Let's Play Armored Core: Large Text Dump

Since I've basically completely skipped the story so far, here are some emails from R to explain the various factions that make up the future world of Armored Core.

Let's start with Murakumo Millennium and Chrome themselves:

From: R

Chrome and Murakumo

Zam City was one of the very first cities built in the underground city development program, so redevelopment is proceeding in various areas of the city.

Let's Play Armored Core!

Armored Core

Armored Core is a game series by From Software, who are best known for, well, the Armored Core game series. While still somewhat a niche title, Armored Core is a fairly successful "mech" game. You play as a mercenary, called a Raven, who pilots an Armored Core: a giant customizable mech.

Read on for the rest of the Let's Play.

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