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This was originally posted to the Short Game Theater thread on Something Awful, but I may as well duplicate it here.

This is the first game that Dejobaan Games released on Steam, and is basically the earliest game of theirs you can still buy. (Despite what gets said in Part 1.)

It is a completely original, never before seen game that has most certainly never been done before by a Namco game that was designed by Keita Takahashi. Definitely.

Part 1 YouTube
Part 2 YouTube
Part 3 YouTube
Part 4 YouTube
Part 5 YouTube

As mentioned in part 3, the Wonderful End of the World started life as Klectit, which is a game designed to be played with the Novint Falcon, which is a $190 "haptic controller."

Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Novint Falcon is, you must experience it for yourself. Or something.

I've figured out why I said I like the control better in this game than Katamari Damacy: you can control the camera while moving. That's probably my biggest complaint with the Katamari Damacy games, that you can't.

Also, at some point in part 4, I mention the PS3 Katamari Damacy game. It's actually Katamari Forever and not Beautiful Katamari, which is an Xbox 360 game I've never played.

Another incomplete thought from that video is the difference in level lengths: I mention that the final level in the original Katamari Damacy has a 25 minute time length, while levels in the Wonderful End of the World range from three to five minutes - mostly due to limits in the engine preventing it from scaling well.

There are two other gameplay modes that aren't shown, "Timeless" and "Exploration."

"Timeless" is just the same as "Timed" mode, except that you have a set maximum number of items to collect, and you're scored on the time it takes to gather them. "Exploration" has no time limit and no collection goal: you're allowed to wander around the levels as long as you want.

However, due to the rather limited level size, there's basically nothing to show in either mode that wasn't covered in Timed mode.

One final thing - the Wonderful End of the World was part of the Potato Sack.

A plate of french fries replaces the globe on the menu select

No, I didn't delete my save data. It reset it for me.

The marionette is now a bunch of potatoes rather than white dots when the game starts

Yeah, I don't think I'll bother LPing this update. That's the majority of the joke.

Although if you really wanna know about what's going on with this update, the Valve ARG wiki has you covered.