Anything that's not necessarily on a particular topic, but is just a rambling rant or just a post on nothing particular. Tim generally makes these in his blog. Tim also happened to add this to the vocabulary, mostly so he could use it. That snarky fellow.

Something from my spam box...

I managed to receive this spam today. It made it past the somewhat lousy filters where I work:

Subject: With shouldbe once heard.
These fixed evils sit so fit. Her in fine consentAs well. Ofsleeves. do other servants.


And that's it. So it's not a virus, there's no attachment. And it's not trying to sell me something. In fact, it doesn't appear to mean a thing.



Real Life moves east. Ish. Or not.

I'm noting I don't have a category for web comics. Oh well, I don't cover a lot of information on them anyway.

Anyhow, Real Life comic's Greg Dean is moving to Texas, which while technically is east of California isn't exactly east. It's more "center" if you're only looking at the US or "west" if you're looking at the globe.

But in any case, I don't really care about that. Instead I want to complain about the concept of making Real Life a "full time" job.


On Cellphones, Driving Anyway, and Laws

I can't find a good version of the story (so instead I'll use this video from MyFox Boston), but basically a teenager was killed in a car crash. The twist? His last words were heard from his father, who has talking with him on his cellphone at the time. According to the video I linked, it's believed that the driver dropped the cellphone, bent over to pick it up, and drove into a tree.

Now, I'm not trying to overly callous here. When I was in high school, two students in my class of about 85 were killed in a car accident. I know what it's like to see teenagers killed in car accidents. I understand that it's hard, and I definitely understand the desire to turn the death into something meaningful.


Items In The Wrong Cases

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's when people put things back (specifically, movies or games) in the wrong case.

If there's one thing worse than that, it's discovering that I've done it.

Open up the Trauma Center: Under The Knife case, and discover Final Fantasy III. Pop open Final Fantasy III's case, and it, of course, contains Animal Crossing: Wild World. So what did Animal Crossing: Wild World contain? Well... nothing.

So now all the games are back in their proper cases, and Trauma Center: Under The Knife remains safely in the DS.


Soooo Sick......

I've been annoyingly sick the last several days.



Being sick sucks

Just thought I'd mention it. I've got some kind of killer cold (flu?) and it just won't die. I've been getting somewhat better than I have been, but I'm still not exactly feeling better.

Ah well. Hopefully plenty of rest and I'll be feeling fine tomorrow.


I Don't Want Your Stupid Catalog

So, Christmas is coming, and everyone knows what that means: time to send people stupid Christmas catalogs. (Sorry, holiday catalogs, they don't care what you believe as long as you'll part with money.)

So, as I am a single, childless 25 year old male who is renting, I have currently received:

  • Terry's Village - a catalog that appears to specialize in home decorating thingies.
  • Young Explorers - "Creative educational products" - i.e., toys for kids.
  • Hearth Song - another toy catalog, although on the "old fashioned fun" side
  • The Paragon - clearly aimed at women over 30
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