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Pointless Countdown Thingy

I've got a countdown timer running.

I wonder what it could mean?...

This Site Used Valid HTML, Then Drupal Got To It

This page is valid HTML 4.01 Strict!

...Or, rather, it was valid HTML 4.01 Strict.

Then Drupal got to it, and decided to make it invalid HTML/XHTML Nonstandard Random Useless Crap.

Namely, Drupal has decided to do the "Fake Empty Element" dance. That's where valid HTML tags, like "<link>," are turned into invalid HTML tags like "<link/>."

Such a tag would be valid XML and therefore (might) be valid XHTML.

But this page doesn't use XHTML for a few very simple reasons:


I've really got to start previewing and proof-reading these entry.

Comment Policy

This is, yet again, an attempt to write down a policy that's been in effect for quite a while.

All comments go to moderation. I will get around to checking the moderation queue - honestly. (OK, not all comments - administrators and certain "blessed" accounts - of which there are none - also get to skip the moderation queue.)

All comments are subject to a "lameness filter" that will reject comments based on programmatic filters. These are basically an attempt to block spam without requiring a captcha.

The full list is after the jump.

Happy Earth Day

You might notice that the site is green today. Well, as it turns out, this site is literally green: Dreamhost is a "green" hosting provider:

Green Web Hosting! This site hosted by DreamHost.

Of course, it's only "green" due to carbon offsets, which are sort of a silly thing, but for the sake of claiming to be greener than I really am I'll leave that argument for a later day.

Merry Christmas

I've put up the Christmas decorations here at xenoveritas.org! The theme will remain up for the remainder of the month.

Scheduled Downtime

Dreamhost will be moving the Spacey cluster on December 1st, from approximately 6:00AM to 2:00PM GMT. This will cause this site to be down for the same period of time.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone!

This recolored version of the main theme will remain up until Halloween ends, so enjoy it while it lasts.

I apologize in advance for the various places where Drupal's colors remain that fail in the inverted Halloween white-text-on-black-background scheme.

User Account Policy

This policy has been in effect for a while but never officially typed up. Basically, user accounts used for spamming will be deleted, and any account that has never been accessed after six months will be deleted.

Welcome to the new Xenoveritas.org!

Welcome to the new Xenoveritas.org!

Update: I've moved the theme to the new Drupal 5 location, which changes the URL for the stylesheet, so everyone should get the new theme now.

Anyway, I have other hopes for the new site, but that'll come later...


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