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Square-Enix: Because Fun Is Overrated: MMORPG Edition

There are times when I sort of miss Final Fantasy XI. I did have some fun playing it.

Then I read about things like a boss that takes over 18 hours to beat and decide that, no, maybe I don't really ever want to play a game like that again.

There's a great quote in that article:

We’ve recently learned from the Premier Site Summit that Sage Sundi believes the Absolute Virtue fight to take eighteen hours (or less if you’re lucky).

I think I'll pass, thanks anyway.

The Noob Comic

I just read through the archives for The Noob. It's basically pure MMORPG humor - so if you're not an MMORPG player, you probably won't find it funny.

Might get moved to the webcomics page some day, but for now, I'm just basically dumping the link into my archives. :)

The Permadeath Debate

Slashdot brought up the Permadeath Debate yet again, in the form of The Eight Stages of Permadeath Debate, based on Ubiq's blog post.

(What is permadeath? It means that when your in-game character dies for some reason, they die permenantly and cannot be resurrected and played again.)

So which stage is this post? Oh, probably Stage 3, Captain Obvious Speaks.

First off, I have never really heard what it is, exactly, that permadeath is supposed to solve. (Except maybe "having people play the game in the first place.") Fortunately, someone on Slashdot provided me with a list of reasons they think permadeath would be a good idea, so I can go over that list and refute them.


DragonRaiders Webpage

Update: The LinkShell has since dissolved, the forums have been moved here.

I play Final Fantasy XI on the Phoenix server, so I currently host the DragonRaiders' Forums.


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