Comments on Club Nintendo

Club Nintendo has surveys you can fill out. They're another one of those surveys where you have to answer the "comments" free text field. So I did:

You could make the comment field optional. Since I don't really have any comments. But since you're requiring me to fill it out, I might as well. What's the character limit for the comment field anyway? There doesn't appear to be one listed. Also, it'd be nice to know what the password requirements were before filling out that field, but since my password was accepted, I guess that's fine too. The text in this field is incredibly small as well. So's the text for the "Club Nintendo News" on the side, in fact. I know how to blow up text size on my browser so I suppose that doesn't matter, but both are still below what I'd consider the minimum text size for a web page. Or was this designed to fit in the Wii and 3DS browsers? I suppose that makes sense too. Oh, and why isn't the Finish button an actual button? When I clicked it, the page just jumped back to the top and I had to scroll down to find that it had flagged this field as being empty. It should have just jumped to the first field needing attention. And now that I have clicked it, it's gray. It should still look like a link.

Just thought I'd share that.