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Submitted by Xenoveritas on

It looks most like Onikiri, which would make its psych Shockwave. But I think a more appropriate psych might be Cure Drink or Healing, because he wants to raise Washington from its currently beaten down state. Or, maybe something like Black Hole, ala Gimme Dat Sheep or Gimme Dat Hippo, because he'll suck all the politicians in that white circle and instantly kill them, giving no experience or PP.

If we're not going by psychs in TWEWY, then, it would probably be the Concrete Donkey: very useful once, but big, expensive, and may just hit one of your own worms if you're not careful.

Fri, 08/29/2008 - 03:44 Permalink

After looking at the Obama site and seeing them selling Obama pins (at $2, plus S&H), I couldn't help but think:

I wonder what the Psych for that pin would be?

(Explanation for those of you who have never played The World Ends With You: the player's magic powers in that game come in the form of "pins" - also called, in this case, "buttons." These powers are called Psychs.)

Based on the whole "hope" meme, it would have to be Cure Drink. Although that's a bit bland, so how about basing it on the whole "great speaker" meme, and going with Street Jam or Twister.

Or it could be something completely different, and summon the Concrete Donkey (from Worms).

Plus, since it's a liberal pin, obviously it may evolve. Probably through Mingle PP, although who knows what it'll evolve to.