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RetroView: Devil May Cry 3 versus Devil May Cry 4

We've recently been playing Devil May Cry 4, which got me back into playing Devil May Cry 3.

You see, Xeno, with his shiny black colossus that he theoretically got to play MGS4 and then promptly ignored it, can play DMC4. See, I don't have an XBOX or a PS3, and don't feel like getting the PC version (DMC is the epitome of a CONSOLE game) so I'm stuck with my older DMC3SE. You know what, though? I don't mind.

Two Hours Into FF12...

So after a total of something like two hours of playing FFXII, I've apparently managed to screw up my save such that it's no longer worth playing the rest of the game.

Yes, that's right.

Within two hours of the game start, it's possible to completely and totally screw up your game to the point it's not worth playing any more.

Remind me again, why would anyone want to put up with this?!

Initial Impressions of Final Fantasy XII

So I finally started playing Final Fantasy XII. (My car has broken down, and I finished Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, so I really have nothing better to do, sad to say.)

The first thing I noticed was that they managed to screw up the Prelude music. That takes a certain kind of talent. Instead of starting at the beginning of the theme, it just kind of starts in the middle of a phrase in the middle of the theme.

So then it's time to start a new game. Here the Postlude plays. Generally, the Postlude would play at the end of the game. That's why it's called the Postlude.

We Love Katamari!

"We ♥ Katamari" was released last week. (That's "We Love Katamari", with a heart for love, in case your browser didn't render the heart.) I've had a chance to play through it (complete to the end, in two days...) and can give my brief review.

In We ♥ Katamari, the King of All Cosmos and his son the Prince are helping out their many fans from the first game. You play as the Prince or one of his many cousins (who you unlock during the game), and travel the world, attempting to gather up as many objects into the Katamari (Japanese for "clump"). The Katamari is essentially a magical sticky ball that can absorb any other object into itself, including thumb tacks, chocolates, apples, chairs, desks, people, houses, skyscrapers, islands, and mountains - as well as hopes and dreams.


Katamari Damacy!

I really should post something about this game. It's ... unique. In a good way.

Let's start with the premise. You play as the Prince of All Cosmos, son of (guess who?) the King of All Cosmos. The King of All Cosmos has unfortunately destroyed all the stars in the sky, and the moon too. (He was possibly drunk at the time.) So it becomes your job to help restore the skies. You do this by being sent to the Earth and rolling up stuff into your katamari. (Of course.)

What can you roll up into your katamari? Well, you start off with things like coins, dice, caramels, chocolates, etc. As you gather more stuff, you can start rolling up larger objects like socks, shoes, cats, bikes, cars, houses, airplanes, supertankers, skyscrapers, and islands.


Lego Star Wars, for the PS2

Saw this at GameSpot while looking for information about Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and saw a preview for Lego Star Wars, for the PS2.

Yes, that's right. It's a PS2 game, based on the LEGO Star Wars sets. It's scheduled to be released in April of 2005, for the PC, PS2, X-Box, and Game Boy Advance.

I really have nothing more to say, other than this sounds like a really, really strange idea.

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