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Submitted by Xenoveritas on

So over the past week, Jason in Foxtrot has been trying to decide on the best costume, with hopes to scare people into giving him the most candy.

So what did they choose?

Jason and Marcus's Halloween costume

Well, it's two guys in suits and hats. But what's written on those hats?

It's kinda blurry, so let's blow it up and sharpen it somewhat.

Somewhat better, but still hard to read. Now to throw in an ancient technique known as "tracing" to see if we can perfect it.

Jason wearing an "RIAA" hat, and Marcus wearing an "MPAA" hat

So, Jason's an "RIAA" lawyer, and Marcus is an "MPAA" lawyer.

Wow. That is a scary costume. RIAA/MPAA lawyers showing up at your door, demanding candy from you to prevent them from sueing you for $250,000 a downloaded song? Spooky.

I guess they did find a costume that'll guarantee them the most candy.