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President Bush:
We would make it so the world could never trust us again.

Yeah, sorta like those WMDs, right?

President Bush:
We will win the war in Iraq.

Sort of like you said we would last year?

Now don't get me wrong, I know that we have to stay in Iraq and that pulling out would likely be disasterous. But, I knew that before you went into Iraq in the first place!

Face it, Bush, you were overly optimistic. The war in Iraq is going to take a long time. History teaches us that. It took years for the United States to become the United States after the revolutionary war. You know when we finally pulled out of Germany and Japan after World War II? We haven't yet. Iraq is, almost certainly, going to follow that pattern. It'll take a good ten years at least to rebuild Iraq and make it secure, and many billions of dollars. Saying otherwise is naive.

Note: Bush quotes are paraphrased since I was doing this while it aired.