Internet Explorer 7 is Out

Internet Explorer 7 is finally out. And... my site still doesn't work in it. Blarg.

I guess this means I'm finally going to have to get around to fixing Drupal's JavaScript to properly resize text areas instead of the current JavaScript which misplaces it due to the margins.

Plus several annoying rendering glitches remain (backgrounds randomly disappear while scrolling) leaving me with a page that just doesn't quite work.

They've added tabs. Yay. Hardly new at this point. The Quick Tabs feature is actually pretty cool, though: hit Control-Q to get thumbnails of all the tabs, allowing you to select one. I think I may have a new extension idea for Firefox...

Customizing the toolbar remains a giant pain in the ass. You can't reorder the top bar and you have to use a dialog to order icons instead of simply dragging and dropping them as in Firefox or Opera.

They've fixed HTML help: it now works. It should never have not worked, but, well, it didn't. Now it does.

Overall, I'm fairly underwhelmed. Somehow, I think I'll stick with Firefox.