Real Life moves east. Ish. Or not.

I'm noting I don't have a category for web comics. Oh well, I don't cover a lot of information on them anyway.

Anyhow, Real Life comic's Greg Dean is moving to Texas, which while technically is east of California isn't exactly east. It's more "center" if you're only looking at the US or "west" if you're looking at the globe.

But in any case, I don't really care about that. Instead I want to complain about the concept of making Real Life a "full time" job.

From the linked posting (it's below the comic, scroll down):

During the course of this whole thing, we got to thinking that now would be the best time to see if I can really make it as JUST a cartoonist.

Really? You want to take Real Life, the undisputed champion of the Talking Head Comic, and try and make it a full time job?

That would involve introducing more characters beyond the two that are frequently seen talking back and forth between in each other in pre-staged positions and over the exact same backdrop they were last week.

The number of comics that are so close to being identical (ignoring dialog) is ridiculous.

I'm really not sure why Real Life is still in my list of webcomics. I suppose it's because I keep on hoping it might be funny again, or because I'm too lazy to delete it.

After all, when xkcd has more artistic merit than your comic, you need help.