I guess Mario isn't quite so passé

I've been watching Rise of the Video Game on Discovery channel. It's somewhat interesting to see what they say and what they show.

In the second episode, they mention that "the era of the mustached plumber is over," talking about how Mario has become passé and "more realistic" games like Grand Theft Auto 3, Halo, The Godfather and the like have taken over.

So I decided to take a quick peak at the Amazon.com video games bestsellers list.

At the time I'm writing this, Mario appears on the top 25 list four times. (Keep in mind that's the list of all video games, regardless of platform.) Super Mario Galaxy is at number one - although it was just released, so it's natural that it would have high sales.

On the other hand, New Super Mario Bros. was released over a year ago, and it's at slot 23.

Plus, when I popped over to the show's website, who am I greeted by? Mario, with graphics from Super Mario Galaxy.

I guess the mustached plumber hasn't quite left the scene.