Ah, Computers in TV Shows

This comes courtesy of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Staedler: Subscribers?

Morales: The creeps who pay to watch and download Teddy's Treehouse for thirty bucks a month.

Staedler: Times how many guys?

[Cut to computer screen, displaying "3,139 active accounts" with a list of accounts below. Typing, and then scrolling through the list.]

Morales: Over a thousand.

I'll take a wild guess that there are approximately 2,139 accounts "over a thousand" there.

And, because I'm a freak with TiVo, one of the accounts was "IHeartNerds," which I found amusing. And "6XQ ?RZHU(\HV" - which, having run this site, is annoyingly typical of spam bots.

And the list then repeats, so I guess the graphics department ran out of ideas.