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The Machine's Boot Sequence

Just to prove how much of a nerd I am, here's the boot sequence to the Machine on Person of Interest.


So CSI operates on GTA rules

From "the Two Mrs. Grissoms:" "Possible drunk driver, hit the street light, car exploded."

So, that means cars on CSI operate on GTA rules: after they take enough damage, they catch fire, and then explode. No exceptions.


CBS's "NCIS" Cold-Blooded Murder List

The CBS show NCIS has had their characters kill people in cold blood quite a few times. This post attempts to create a list of victims who have either been killed in cold blood directly by a “good guy” or indirectly via ploys by the “good guys.”

Needless to say, there are spoilers below.


Stargate Universe: Wormholes in Stars

In Stargate Universe, they recently attempted to dial home to Earth by using the power of star, creating the wormhole from within the star.

The very next episode, they mentioned that solar flares can cause the wormhole to bounce back and travel through time.

So, wouldn't dialing from within a star contain a somewhat heightened danger of accidental time travel? OK, so solar activity is somewhat unpredictable, and presumably varies from star-to-star, so the risk might be somewhat limited.


Simpsons "Rock Bottom" Corrections in "Homer Badman"

I'm sure someone's already done this, but since I've got a TiVo and can do it too, here's the list of corrections that display in the Simpson's episode "Homer Badman" during the "Rock Bottom" corrections bit.


What the Heroes plot should be...

Heroes has decided to rip off one of any number of "oppressed super heroes" plots where the super powered Heroes (and villians) are being chased by the government. (Wait, isn't that the plot to X-Men 2?)

You know what I think would be interesting?

Instead, they should reveal that the powers come from alien cells, which the Company was experimenting with. The formula would then be some form of food or something required for the alien cells to grow, while the Catalyst would be the alien cells themselves.

NCIS: Who Could Beat Gibbs in a Fight?

This question comes straight from a conversation that Abby and McGee have in the episode "Road Kill." From the episode:

ABBY: I'd pay to see the right battle. Like Leroy Jethro Gibbs versus...

MCGEE: Ziva!

ABBY: Oh, McGee, I was thinking like Terminator.

MCGEE: Which model? TX? T1000?

ABBY: All of them. Gibbs terminates.

MCGEE: Alright, how about Gibbs versus Godzilla?

ABBY: King of the monsters? Toast.

MCGEE: Mothra?

ABBY: Wingless in a nanosecond. Come on, McGee, give me something fierce. Boss-man's got mad skills.


Google Earth, and the NCIS episode "Blowback"

I'm watching an episode of NCIS off my TiVo HD - which means nice resolution, and I can pause and rewind it. The episode involves the NCIS agents investigating a weapons deal. They discover an email detailing where the deal will take place - at 45 26' 29"N 71 41' 29"W, which is, in fact, the actual coordinates for the airport mentioned in the story.


TiVo Announces "Badoop Badoop Show"

I just received a spamnewsletter from TiVo announcing the "Badoop Badoop" show.

The "Badoop" is the sound effect that TiVo makes when you start fast-forwarding (or rewinding) TV.

So I guess it's a show about skipping TV shows?


TiVo Adds YouTube

TiVo's added YouTube support to their Series 3 DVRs. So how does it work?

Short answer, horribly.

The user interface is a bit clunky, but overall works. But when you get to the videos, finally, the audio skips. (On every one I tried.)

And the video quality is horrible, but then again, it's YouTube. I was expecting YouTube quality video and that's what I got. I was also expecting YouTube quality audio, but it managed to fail to deliver on that.

All-in-all, not a very effective way to visit YouTube. My PS3 does a much better job.



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