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Final Fantasy Job Quiz

Which Final Fantasy job are you? Take this quiz to find out!


I Finished Final Fantasy XIII...’s story

I’ve finished the story in Final Fantasy XIII. Still a ton left to do, like collect all the trophies, get the super-ultimate weapons, and what-not. (Although I’m not entirely sure how much I’m actually going to do.)

Which, I think, gives me some credit to make some comments about Yahtzee’s Final Fantasy XIII review.


Xenoveritas's Incomplete Guide to Final Fantasy XIII Equipment Upgrading

Based on what I've currently figured out, every item has a "multiplier" that they apply to items to determine how much XP they offer. Therefore, XP values between items are consistent between each individual item, so something that provides more XP to one item will provide more XP to another item, even if the exact amounts aren't the same.


Final Fantasy XIII: Freaking Eidolon Battles

The Eidolon battles in Final Fantasy XIII are stupidly hard. These are the battles where you fight against a summon monster in order to gain the ability to summon it in battle.

Now you might be assuming I'm complaining about them being challenging. Except they're not, they're basically just rapidly switching between Paradigms and mashing X. (Or A on the Xbox 360.)

No, instead they're needlessly hard because of the way they're designed.

Quick Final Fantasy Quiz

Here's a quick little quiz. Which one of these twelve sages do you need to speak to in order to move the game on?

There are twelve sages, eleven are dressed in red, and one is dressed in blue with a large blue hat.

Answer in the full article.


Garland will CRUSH YOU!

This is photoshopped (well, GIMPed), but if you've played Dissidia Final Fantasy:

Garland: I'll CRUSH YOU!!

Wait, How Are They Going to do Tceles-B Hsup?

One of the things in Final Fantasy was a "magic spell" taught to you by a broom that told you to Tceles-B Hsup - "push B-select" backwards. It brought up the world map. How can they do that on the iPhone?

Broom: Wodniw Sutats Dloh Dna Pat.

Ah. Like that.

Final Fantasy is out on iPhone

Hm... I may need to add an iPhone section under games.

Whatever. In any case, Final Fantasy (both I and II) are out for iPhone. Here are some screenshots from my first 15 minutes (yeah, I know, not very interesting):

And Another Dissidia Final Fantasy Video

Yet again, another video on the subject of Omnislash Version 5 being a little on the overpowering side. I like this one better than the last.

Read More to view the video.

Omnislash Version 5 is Evil

This post is more to test posting video than anything else. In short: Omnislash Version 5 is a rather evil ability that Cloud gets.

Read More to view the video.


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