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Submitted by Xenoveritas on

Heroes has decided to rip off one of any number of "oppressed super heroes" plots where the super powered Heroes (and villians) are being chased by the government. (Wait, isn't that the plot to X-Men 2?)

You know what I think would be interesting?

Instead, they should reveal that the powers come from alien cells, which the Company was experimenting with. The formula would then be some form of food or something required for the alien cells to grow, while the Catalyst would be the alien cells themselves.

They could be called JENOVA cells, which stands for... uh... I didn't quite come up with an excuse for that.

As the Reunion approaches, JENOVA's genetic memory would start to take hold in those infected with JENOVA's cells, and take control of them. When the Reunion occurs, all those with powers will meet and JENOVA will be reborn, who will then proceed to destroy Earth to harness the energy of its destruction to send its cells throughout the universe.

In other words, I think ripping off the plot of Final Fantasy VII would be much more interesting.

Plus Sylar could get a giant katana and spontaneously grow long, white hair.

I think it would have been more interesting...